What is the theoretical framework? Mention the strategies used for developing the theoretical framework


  • The Theoretical Framework explains the path of research and ground it in the theoretical construct.
  • Developing Conceptual & Theoretical Framework in PhD Dissertation help evaluate and explain existing theories
  • Theoretical Framework of a Dissertation or Thesis consultation explores unstudied areas by observing previous research to identify the purpose of work and discuss existing knowledge.


The theoretical framework is a structure that holds support from the theory that is closely related to your research. While developing your Theoretical Framework we Help to describe and introduces the theory which explains why the research problem is important to do research.

Theoretical framework

In, many cases, the theories formulated to explain, predict and understand phenomena and to extend existing knowledge within the limits of critical assumption. The theoretical framework is framed by collecting information from the various literature review, analytical models, theories that are relevant to your study.

The strength of theoretical framework study

  • The central statement in the theoretical framework permit readers to evaluate effectively.
  • Write a Theoretical Framework Services Helps to connect the past knowledge gap with the existing knowledge
  • It permits you to describe the phenomena observed to generalizing about the various aspects of phenomena.
  • Having a good theoretical framework will help you to identify the limit of the study.
  • The main purpose of a theoretical Framework in PhD Dissertation is to check the key variable that drives the research.

Strategies to develop a theoretical framework

Set goal:

Before starting your research, you have to explore the theories and models of other Research Developed in your field of study. There may be the presence of many theories on your topic, so it is important to evaluate, compare and select the most relevant one.

Setting a goal is an important part of writing because the theoretical framework lays a foundation that supports your analysis help interpret your result and develop the research.

Identify the key concept:

It is a vital step that involves the identification of key terms of research. This step involves picking the problem statement that drives the research. The concept from the different source has different keywords. So defining more clearly what you mean in each term is mandatory.

The fundamental concept of the research will help you to construct a good theoretical framework. After picking the key concepts, then write it down and define the purpose statement, what is the purpose of the study. By defining the purpose of the study then define the concept and then state the relationship between them.

Brainstorm the key terms:

Generate a long list of novel ideas that have a good impact on your research. The major steps involved in brainstorming will help you to get a successful outcome.

  • Theoretical Framework of a Dissertation Service make your question clear, if not clear, suggest you to do research and have a basic knowledge about the question.
  • Understand the key terms that drive the research
  • Bridge your idea and the idea available in the question to get an innovative solution

Review relevant articles:

To answer the question that is present in your study, go through various research papers and articles to get a clear vision. Pick various article according to your Topic Selected. Then pick a relevant article that suits your study. To find an answer to each question that you selected from brainstorming. Reaching to the relevant article will help you find the answer to the question.

List constructs and variables:

After constructing models and variables, establish the applicable definition of your work that best fit your research and supports your study. PhD Literature Review Theoretical Framework helps to have a unique framework even for a complex research project by combining theories for, different field. Make sure to mention the most important research question that drives the research and bridge the relationship between the central question and the research method.

Discuss the research assumptions:

Apart from discussing other peoples research work, Discuss your work to get a clear view of the research and make changes before starting the research process. The Theoretical Framework for Your Research helps to show people how your project will be helpful to others,

Steps to test whether the research fits your study,

  • Test the theory that holds specific context,
  • Use theory as the base for interpreting the result
  • Check for the challenges in the theory
  • Combine two theories in a unique and different way


The Theoretical Framework involves defining the key areas of research, a notable relationship between the concepts. Literature Review and Conceptual Framework helps to define the theoretical framework in the logical flow structure and help to justify the theories developed.


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