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Our writers are adept economists with the highest qualification from the UK. Their decades of experience in writing and editing plays a vital role in shaping the career of students of economics and finance (post-doctoral fellowships or jobs)

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We use subject-specific language, exemplary presentation that demonstrates clear, logical, imaginative, creative and original

We exhibit the advance states of the art, literature survey, new or advanced techniques, elements of theory and experiment.

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Writing an economic paper can be stressful, specifically when your objective is to obtain a good grade. Yet, for many students obtaining an A is less a matter while “figuring out” what the professor “wants” is more matters. In the case of Economics, is to find out the truth about economic questions that bother policy makers, communities, and individual households. The questions may be quantitative by nature including employment levels by sectors including prices and costs of commodities, demand and supply of goods and services, growth rates of output employment, international trade, capital stock, rate of returns on financial assets, while others are qualitative. In order to answer the question, students need to be aware of many theories and standard micro or macroeconomic models, which this would be challenging to students who does part time job or busy with their working.

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Since the econometric is a vast subject having so many theories and models & techniques; it might prove as cumbersome to students. This writing needs wide extensive study involving econometric books, magazines, references which should be translated into a well laid out dissertation writing with heading, subheading, introduction, body, conclusion enumerating valid points of research. So as to make the writing work a professional one, it is better to hire professional legal writers. Dissertation writing service provided by us covers all the contents of the study


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Econometrics I & II, microeconomics, macroeconomics, advanced microeconomics, advanced macroeconomics, energy economics and technology, international trade theory, economics of the firm, international finance and developing economics, energy regulation and policy, theory of finance, financial econometrics, empirical methods in energy economics, business economics, economics of international oil and gas, human resource economics, topics in development economics, applied policy analysis, microeconomics of the public sector, policy evaluation: techniques and applications, health economics.

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The US & UK writers at PhD Assistance impart knowledge in students and develop their confidence to submit their dissertation successfully covering applied computational finance, applied corporate finance, risk management in financial markets, financial engineering, fixed income markets, forecasting financial time series, portfolio management, international finance, global finance system, mergers, buyouts and corporate restructuring, quantitative methods for finance and risk analysis.
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A Dissertation Writing Service (Empirical & Theoretical paper) features that help to get the grade

We aid you in writing empirical papers (Introduction, data, model, estimation technique or methodology, findings, and conclusion) which generally contain coefficient estimates that are derived from regression analyses. We also help in writing theoretical papers containing proofs, propositions, theorems, lemmas with a substantial degree of internal logical consistency. For all the questions in your mind we offer correct answers and make you strong in your dissertation. We would also cover papers of wide range such as Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations or Karl Marx’s Capital. The process includes data collection, statistical analysis and presentation in the format prescribed by the students’ respective institutes. Eventually, the master’s thesis goes through review and proof reading to guarantee its quality.

Your Choice of Primary or Secondary Research – Evidence to Support Hypotheses

We extend support in collecting primary or secondary data through library research and internet searches respectively. Quantitative data could include details such as the hours spent in work, income, years of schooling, or number of papers published. We provide theoretical justification to the chosen methodology rather than arguing over lack of time or financial resources as reasons for limiting research. The methodology deployed is customized to attain the research question. The references substantiate the conceptual support whereas arguments provide support the selected methodology and highlight it as the best suited methodology for the particular research. Application of economic analysis tests statistical models such as regression analysis or mathematical equations will be used. This eases the decision-making process. The sources of data collection include,, OECD, EconData.Net, World Bank, World Governance Research Indicators Dataset, Business Environment & Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) Interactive dataset, Governance databank, Cross-National Equivalent File, Federation of International Trade Associations, FedStats, Data-Planet, American Fact Finder, Statistica, FRED, Global financial database, Global Insight, IMF eLibrary, the MacroData Guide, UN data, Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), World Development Indicators, Zanran, Data bib etc.

Your Choice of quantitative or qualitative or Triangulation methodologies

We aid you identify the right theoretical modeling strategy to address your research problem. A clear hypothesis, the statistica, economic techniques such as identification and justification (eg. Linear or Probit regression analysis) etc. are the methodological strategies that are generally deployed in research.

Development of Questionnaire or Interview questions

We offer help in a wide range of services right from the selection of a topic to completing the master’s dissertation successfully with the desired grade. Depending upon your area of interest, research gap and feasibility of data collection UK MBA thesis topics are chosen. We provide answers to all the questions you have in your mind and make you strong in your dissertation. The procedure includes data collection, statistical analysis and presentation in a format prescribed by the respective institute. Eventually, the master’s thesis undergoes review and proof reading to ensure the quality of work.

Economics & Finance - Writing & Editing Features

We extend our support in dissertation plan (proposed structure, main argument), progress and a sample write up to be given to their supervisor adhering to the style of reference. The draft stands as an evidence for the imagination, creativity, critical insights and analytical rigor.

Our Quality Procedure

Sources, Citation and Presentation

We aid you identify primary and secondary resources in accordance with the Style Guide in the economics/finance literature. The sources include the Harvard Scheme, the APA style or the style used in the American Economic Review, EndNote Guide etc. Our formatting and referencing team is aware of the citations used in books, reported cases (Australia/UK), published and unpublished papers, government and private publications, discussion papers/reports, citing newspaper/magazines, press releases and world wide web. The range of databases used include EconLit, Google Scholar, Web of Science, Business Source complete, JSTOR, SSRN Electronic Library, NBER working papers, IDEAS, Annual Reviews, The Economists Historical Archive, World Bank, World Development, OECD, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal (ProQuest), American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy, Econometrica, the Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Literature, the Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP), New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Oxford Reference Online: Economics, Gale Virtual Reference, Handbook of Corporate finance, Handbook of the Economics of Finance, & Handbook of Environmental Economics.

Economical Style & Argument

We adhere to styles rules which include short and long quotes, edited quotes, errors or discriminary terms in quoted passages, ellipsis, interpolations, abbreviations, dates, times, numbers, fractions and decimals and footnotes. We write your dissertation in an argumentative manner maintaining the logical and coherent construction. Primary and secondary sources are substantiated. Our writers make your dissertation clear, concise and complete with original data and ideas. We follow EASE guidelines and our writing is plagiarism-free. We run the document through various plagiarism detection softwares such as Viper, authenticate, cross check, eTBLAST, Safe Assign, WCopyFind, check for plagiarism, grammarly and sometimes in Google. We also apply DelphiS keyword search using subject specific database.

Free while you order dissertation

We help to develop questionniare or interview guide at free of costs while you order for dissertation. We also provide,

  • Appendices
  • Abstract
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Table of Content
  • Lists of Charts, graphs, Illustrations
  • Formatting
  • Frequently asked questions (questions that may arise while writing the dissertation)
  • Personal statement for your research proposal
  • Bibilography (a brief annotation on key primary text)

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Our native academic computer science and Information technology writers are skillful and experience in different subject’s fields especially in this subject it ensured to understand your project well and delivered on time. With over 400+ academic writers endeavor to submit your PhD document that meets the terminology of the academic area but also it has the native linguistic command over technical terms. Thereby, it boosts opportunities to achieve high credits in your thesis and increasing the chances of acceptance by high impact factor journal. Our computer science and information technology writing services uniqueness includes:
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  • 2. What kind of services do you offer?
    We offer an extensive variety of the following outstanding academic law supports for masters and PhD including For Masters and PhD: Abstracts writing, journal articles and manuscripts, law literature reviews, research proposal, research methodology, textual/data analysis, statistical analysis, findings, results, and conclusions, referencing, and more. In addition, tailor-made assignment, essay and manuscript support, conference paper and textbook writing, coding and algorithm, programming, software and tool development, illustration, manuscript statistics and PhD research plan as well as editing services. We deliver a professional academic assistance to complete any research work and writing you may require. If you need any other research writing support, please select “other” on our pricing order form and clearly outline what is required. We will call back you immediately, or you can contact UK +44-1143520021. Visit our contact page to see other countries contact information, so we will do our best to help you.
    3. What are the topics covered in Computer Science and Information Technology dissertation?
    We cover the wide range of Computer Science and Information Technology dissertation topics such as software programming and algorithm, hard work and network, information system, Data security, cyber-security, Data management system, data-driven robotic sampling, social networking, Virtual-reality system, wireless multimedia networks, cross-layer architecture for wireless networks, WiMAX( Next generation wireless system) wireless sensor networks, computer-based software engineering, software metrics , measurement and testing, software process and management and much more.
    4. If I am not satisfied with your medical writing, how do you address the issues?
    At Ph.D. Assistance, our first motto offers 100% customer satisfaction, so it is a very rare event. However, we provide the guarantee of the unlimited revisions*, so you need not worry about it.
    5. What If I need some customization in the computer science and Information technology dissertation?
    Of course, we ready to help our clients. Our information technology and computer science service are completely flexible, and tailor made to the customer. Hence, if you can provide the areas of customization related to research area initially proposed, we could make amendments to the document.
    6. Can you show me sample work of academic Computer Science and Information technology?
    Yes, we have an uploaded some of the academic writing works samples. For more details, let talks with our academic writers.

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