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We are delighted that you have chosen Ph.D. Assistance. We are confident that we are ready to help you writing best dissertation abstracts for the Ph.D. dissertation. As we understand,it plays a more significant role in writing dissertation.

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An abstract is the brief description of your main concept of your complete research paper that should be present during the conference. Therefore, it should be unique and perfect. A conference abstract needs to address the problem statement.

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Most of the students are facing an extremely frustrating situation when writing the abstract for their Ph.D. dissertation or conference/seminar paper that must meet well-researched and has a very clear research goal. Especially for the Non-English speaking countries such as Chinese, Brazil, Singaporeans, Malays, Indonesia and other Asian country’s students are afraid as soon as they are assigned for the abstract writing for the conference because it should be one-off and attention-grabbing to the readers compared to others. We make sure that the language is well written and engages with no grammar or language errors. The abstract needs to illustrate how the research has been taken. It needs to describe the work process precisely. Also, make sure that the conference abstract gives a summary of your finding. We ensure that the abstract has around ten keywords linking the content of the paper. At Ph.D. assistance, you will get help from experts to ensure achievement in all the above key points to make sure that your conference is successful.

Abstract need to justify its good qualities to convince the appointed committee

We write both descriptive and informative Abstract from the introduction to conclusions. Though it looks simple, it is a hard task to complete because it needs to be clear, concise, coherent, unified and conceptualized.

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What Services do we offer under Ph.D. Abstract writing service?

We write an abstract writing based on the pricing plan. Although this dissertation abstracts looks simple but is a tedious task to complete this writing.


Developed based on the relevant sources, a reasonable attempt at finding an area that warrant research & evidence of an attempt to provide critical evaluation but mainly descriptive.(maximum 300 words)


Wide range of sources, a clear identification of research gap in the literature along with aim and research questions (maximum 400-500 words)


Refers to a wide range of seminal research with throughout engagement using latest resources. (maximum 1000 +words) (upgradable)

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We offer brief conceptualization abstract writing services for management, life Science, arts, social science and health, biological and medical sciences and much more.

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Our Ph.D. experts offer thought-provoking suggestions for Ph.D. topic selection and writing the doctorate full dissertation that generates the meaningfulness, innovativeness, and achieve the expected research goal. W ensure that our work process is simple and straightforward therefore do not have to worry about workflow as well as we keep your information 100% confidential.

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Outstanding Ph.D. Abstract Writing features & explanation

Good Ph.D. Dissertation abstract features include

We follow the university-specific guidelines or publisher’s guidelines across the top countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia and other Asian Universities.

The complete research paper or any other content document shrink into brief concept information that helps to present the research report in the conference, is what we call as an abstract. They are two types of abstracts such as an informative and descriptive abstract.

Informative abstract include background, purpose, interest /focus of paper and overview of the content.

Descriptive abstract include background, aim or purpose, methods, finding/results and conclusions.

At Ph.D. assistance based on the research scholar requirement, we write either informative abstract or descriptive abstract. Look out the good abstract features include

Brief Introduction of the topic

Background of the study:

An Outline of the research study context explained is in this section

Aim or Purpose of the study:

In this section, the main of the purpose of the research project will be explaining more than two sentences.

This section offers necessary background information by diminishing it with more attractive, interactive and informative features to the reader’s perception. At Ph.D. Assistance, we are well-versed in writing engaging abstracts including general territory, broad foundation (existing literature), the general scope, overview of the sections and finally engage the readers for the Ph.D. dissertation, conference or seminar purpose.

Brief problem statement & Literature review

The Identification of research problem is the first step that every researcher must conduct, but it is very difficult for inexperienced /novice researcher to conceptualize the research problem. Although experienced researcher can fail to identify these problems, Ph.D. Assistance helps to identify the research and literature review problem well and formulate that problem into good research questions.

Brief Research design and collection of data

The design is the structure of your research work, and it finitely gives the direction and systemizes the research. Based on design and method you choose you results will be affected. We used mainly two approaches to a research problem like quantitative and qualitative research. They are different research designs including descriptive, experimental and semi-experimental designs.

At last, pilot study was conducted to check whether the design works for this whole research study through a pilot study.

Data collection

It is a process where the researcher mainly collects information needed to answer the research problems. When collecting the data, researcher should decide to collect data by asking questions to answer -which, how, when and who

Ph.D. Assistance expertise is excellent in identifying an appropriate research design and collect the data based on the research problem for your dissertation paper.

Brief Analysis and interpretation of data

The process of segregating the whole research study into constituents’ parts is based on the specific questions under the statement of the research problem. We usually conduct two ways of data analysis such as qualitative and quantitative analysis then interpreting the result by answering the research question.

Our research analyst at Ph.D. Assistance, have fruitful years of experience in identifying the research and literature problems, best-choosing research design and data collection based on the research problems as well as presenting data and concluding research data result through analysis and interpretation


In this chapter, we introduce three section viz., discussion, summary, and conclusion. The discussion chapter compares and contrasts the findings of previously published authors in line with the research questions. Since this is the heart of the dissertation, we ensure to develop analytics and critical thinking concerning theoretical arguments grounded in the literature review.

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After the order is confirmed, we allocate the special team to scrutinize the work in terms of availability of necessary requirements to complete the work. Once the process is done and in the case of queries, it is ensured that queries get shorted out in the initial stage of the work. Moreover, experts provide an outline for developing the full dissertation. Once you agree with our proposed outline along with the aspect of the Chapterization plan, you would avail the write-up material in context to chapters. Our exclusive and trained coordinators would remain in touch with you to get your queries clarified as per the requirement. To avail the primary data, you need to pay an additional charge. This would assist you to show the proof of evidence of data collection to the concerned department of the university. We will make sure to paste the excel data sheet in Appendix which will remain on the shared platform. You can pay in installments, and work gets off as soon as payment is received. We deliver your work as per the schedule fixed and agreed or even before the schedule.

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As we do not just provide topics, but the rather clear explanation and justification for the choice.


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1. What services do you offer under abstract writing?
We provide a wide variety of abstract writing services such as descriptive and informative abstracts, problem statement & Literature review, Introduction of the topic, Aim or Purpose of the study, Research design and collection of data, Brief Analysis and interpretation of data and conclusion.
2. What are the qualifications of the writers you employ?
Only experienced and certified professionals are employed at our Ph.D. Assistance academic lab. All of our academic writers hold Master and Ph.D. degree and have at least 5 years of writing experience. Each academic writer has its own specialization; it helps to us to allocate the most appropriate writer according to your discipline. You will assure that you will get only subject matter expertise, i.e., every order of thesis providing only a relevant academic background. Please check for Ph.D. Dissertation writing work process below: After selecting a research topic, writers start working on the paper; Chapter wise send through the mail. After completing the work, the writer will format the paper according to your specification or latest university-specific guidelines. Then, the work is passed to Quality Assurance Department (QAD) and is meticulously checked for plagiarism. In additional, you will get the QAD report and plagiarism report**
3. Can I talk to my writer?
Yes, you can talk with our academicians through company Skype, mail, whats up chat messages and call. Indeed, you can directly communicate with the assigned writers after fixing an appointment with our project coordinators and arrange everything for you.
4. Is your pricing reasonable?
Pricing at Ph.D. Assistance is reasonable when compared to others, but the quality of writing is unmatchable. We also enable seasonal discount plan and referral offers for our clients. Please conduct our project coordinators for more details.
5. Do you charge any extra amount for revisions?
No. We are not charging extra amount for any revision of the document. We do any numbers of revisions until our customers get satisfied. To know more details about revisions and other inquiries. Please feel free to conduct our project coordinators or request a call back on the website to get the call back from experts. You may also please read our terms and conditions while placing an order.
6. Can I Learn How to Write a Dissertation at Ph.D. Assistance?
Of course, we will help you. If you are looking for the courses or online/onsite tutor to learn about how to write a dissertation, then contact us or Request call back. When you hire our services, we will assign you professionally and researcher who will help to teach or train you to break down each step of the dissertation writing into manageable sections.

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