Defense preparation or Public Viva Voce Examination

Are you concerned about how to attempt face-to-face viva voce in front of your supervisor and authorized committee? Feeling worried how to overcome the fear. Or Looking for the possible and important viva voce question for oral examination?

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Two best questions arise in the student’s mind when they are ready for Ph.D. oral viva voce examination like what to expect and how to prepare. You will get an answer to both questions with the help of our qualified and experienced researchers. At Ph.D. Assistance, we prepare the potential viva voce examination format that fulfills the purpose, i.e.; it demonstrates the thesis of your work so one can verbally communicate on the professional way with ease. In addition, our expertise is the experienced academicians who had worked for many years for the various UK, the US, Australia and other countries universities.

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Defense preparation or Public Viva Voce Examination

The Ph.D. viva is a compulsory component of the examination process, usually takes place "behind closed doors" but there are a few institutions that operate "public" viva and access are still restricted to certain members.

Purpose of viva examination include

  • To demonstrate the thesis of your research work
  • You're confirming that you understand what you have written and ability to defense verbal/words of mouth to your internal and external examiner
  • To investigate awareness of your research work

Ph.D. Assistance – Presentation features

Ph.D. Defense is a special occasion as all your years of work will be presented and justified within two hours of presentation. Hence more care should be taken on your presentations, and another part of the challenge is to convince the external committee members. The Ph.D. thesis presentation should include the following.

  • Problem statement
  • Why is it important in current scenario and what’s the difference between present and past research
  • Findings of the study
  • Tools used (with proper referencing)
  • Publications, conferences attended if any should be included
  • Awards received as part of your research
  • Do not forget to include in-text references as this add value to your presentation
  • Do not read the slides as the committee presented are experts in your field
  • At last, do not forget to provide a slide on ‘Acknowledgment.'

Your Viva-voce Examination training for English and non-English speakers

Most of the student is facing an extremely hectic and frustrating when they are looking forward to prepare and verbal defense for their written thesis. Especially for the Non-English speaking countries’ student such as Chinese, Brazil, Singaporeans, Malays, Indonesia and other Asian country’s students are freaked out as soon as they assigned for the viva voce preparation because they need to explain it English language. At Ph.D. assistance, we offer Ph.D. Viva voce training where we explain the purpose and format of the viva voce examination and how to prepare shortly to complete culmination of your doctoral degree successfully.

We have superior mentors to train you for Ph.D. Viva voice examination

Our experienced trainers have the capability & knowledge to train you for viva voce examination to enhance your research knowledge level, boost confident, filter negativity attitudes, train how to face boldly in front of the committee, to complete your research degree to achieve better grade At Ph.D. Assistance, we help you to provide appropriate power point slides and help you in tutoring on how to defend your viva by providing you tips from your own thesis.

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We set things up in three levels of Ph.D. viva voce based on the area of your interest.

Ph.D. assistance pricing plan

  • First-class/Premium: We derive possible questions based on your thesis and answers
  • Premium+/premium plus: We develop PPT, Possible Peer review questions and unlimited support till you complete work – However, it would be purely based on the work being completed.

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We offer Topic selection for Management, Life Science, arts, social science and health, Biological and Medical Sciences and much more.

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Along with the presentation, we also provide clear explanation and justification for the choice.

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Outstanding Viva voce features

Best Ph.D. Dissertation Viva voce Features

Our viva voce examination features include Get ready for re-understand your thesis , run-through your exam responses, prepare the expected questionnaire and power-point presentation for viva voce

Prepare you to Re-know your thesis

You could spend too much to written a thesis or get support from outside to written thesis; it may seem strange for scholars to prepare the key part of your preparation and analyzing the critical skills regarding your thesis to re-understand or re-know it. It is compulsory factor and assessment credits in the hand of examiners will expect you to replicate or reflect the good understanding of structure and research topics of your thesis. As well as, you examined are likely to ask your research work in a different way for testing wider implication of your work.

Ph.D. Assistance, we design questionnaires samples that exactly match to your university guidelines as well as give your splendid ideas and training to make feel calm and confident to start and complete your oral defense successfully

Practice Your exam responses

Once re-understand and re-prepare your thesis, our experts help you to move on practicing you exam responses. As we understood, every viva examination is different, but some of the common grouped heading repeatedly ask when you prepare for any Ph.D. thesis chapter include

  • What is meant by that?
  • What did you do with that?
  • What did you find ?
  • Why do that matters

Practicing these basic four questions help you to take a long run in your viva preparation. We help you to prepare this questionnaire and explain it well through brainstorming sessions to fearlessly give an attempt on Viva voce examination

Prepare expected questionnaire & know about your examiners

In this training stage, we help to prepare samples as many questions and answers for the following chapters like research general questions, research context, research methods, Analysis and findings, conclusions, conclusions/implications. In this stage, we help you understand examiners point of view and understand research interest with help to anticipate their way of questioning. At Ph.D. assistance, we have UK professors and researchers who had worked for many years in various universities and still being the members of those universities Library so able to suggest areas where and what question will be arises. We train you to give a thoughtful, calm and non-confrontational response that will help to rebalance discussion.

Power-point preparation for viva voce

Apart from supervisors, good viva voce video, and viva voce university workshop, we help to give complete viva examination training along with an incredible visual presentation help to impress your examiner quickly to achieve high credits. This power point presentation and oral response surely assist any Ph.D. scholar in completing their culmination successfully.

Examples of viva voce preparation based on the examiner reviewer comments

Chapter 3 Methodology:

  • There is a reference to pilot study but it is not described and how it affected the fine-tuning of the actual research is not presented. - (We can use the attached tables of PILOT- Students’ responses (Discussion Method) (SA, A, N, D, SD – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and PILOT- Students’ responses (lecture Method) (SA, A, N, D, SD – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) to correct this point)
  • The description of the qualitative part of this research is weak. The candidate does not discuss how the data will be examined and discussed. The element of trustworthiness and use of inter-raters is not presented.
  • There is no reference to an audit trail for this research.

Chapter 4 Data Analysis:

  • The candidate needs to work on the presentation of the data. In the quantitative section, there are too many tables, and they interfere with the reading of the findings. Most of the tables can be placed in the appendix.
  • The description of the qualitative part of this research is weak. The candidate does not discuss how the data will be examined and discussed. The element of trustworthiness and use of inter-raters is not presented.
  • The whole section on the findings for the qualitative data needs reworking. The candidate presents raw data and has not organized the data into emerging themes or patterns.
Chapter 5 Discussion & Conclusion:
  • There is a little in-depth discussion of the findings of this study. These discussions should be per the research questions stated in chapter 1. These discussions then should lead to the conclusion drawn from this study.

Well-Conceptualized via voice presentation Speaks about Your Research

Viva voce needs to convince the internal and external examiner

It is an important that your verbal defense outcome should satisfy the exam chair and create impression both internal and external examiner to achieve high credits

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Exclusive viva voce only for you

We just not provide the Viva-voce questionnaire rather where we run Bespoke training through visual presentation to understand the general and thesis concept


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1. What services do you offer under Dissertation full writing?
We provide a wide variety of services such as Full dissertation title, the introduction of the topic, aim and overall objective /Hypotheses, literature, detailed research methodology, result/findings/ data analysis, discussion, summary and conclusion and references.
2. What are the qualifications of the writers you employ?
Only experienced and certified professionals are employed at our Ph.D. Assistance academic lab. All of our academic writers hold Master and Ph.D. degree and have at least 5 years of writing experience. Each academic writer has its own specialization; it helps to us to allocate the most appropriate writer according to your discipline. You will assure that you will get only subject matter expertise, i.e., every order of thesis providing only a relevant academic background. Please check for Ph.D. Dissertation writing work process below: After selecting a research topic, writers start working on the paper; Chapter wise send through the mail. After completing the work, the writer will format the paper according to your specification or latest university-specific guidelines. Then, the work is passed to Quality Assurance Department (QAD) and is meticulously checked for plagiarism. In additional, you will get the QAD report and plagiarism report**
3. Can I talk to my writer?
Yes, you can talk with our academicians through company Skype, mail, whats up chat messages and call. Indeed, you can directly communicate with the assigned writers after fixing an appointment with our project coordinators and arrange everything for you.
4. Is your pricing reasonable?
Pricing at Ph.D. Assistance is reasonable when compared to others, but the quality of writing is unmatchable. We also enable seasonal discount plan and referral offers for our clients. Please conduct our project coordinators for more details.
5. Do you charge any extra amount for revisions?
No. We are not charging extra amount for any revision of the document. We do any numbers of revisions until our customers get satisfied. To know more details about revisions and other inquiries. Please feel free to conduct our project coordinators or request a call back on the website to get the call back from experts. You may also please read our terms and conditions while placing an order.
6. Can I Learn How to Write a Dissertation at Ph.D. Assistance?
Of course, we will help you. If you are looking for the courses or online/onsite tutor to learn about how to write a dissertation, then contact us or Request call back. When you hire our services, we will assign you professionally and researcher who will help to teach or train you to break down each step of the dissertation writing into manageable sections.

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