Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Electronics and Communication Engineering 2020- II

Exclusive for scholars pursuing their PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering with base papers (peer-reviewed articles)


Titles References
Evaluation of software defined Wireless architecture with micro channel based cooling..
An improved hardware on chip architecture for wireless networks for Nano devices
A combined learning scheme and parallel linked Gallager coding for secure and reliable transmission of data in cognitive radio communication
Improvement of communication through photonic Integrated circuits by using graphene based wavelength.
A sensitive MEMS sensor for the completion with integrated powder based permanent magnets and planar coil for sensing metallic particles
Short length series connected 5G communication networks for communication in urban regions.
An improved and energy efficient MIMO-OFDM communication system using waveform permutation for offshore oil rigs.
Implementation of graphene based doped materials for improved efficiency of Opto-electronic components.
Automatic detection of abnormalities in the lungs through CT scan using Deep learning techniques.
An improved image processing algorithm using pattern recognition through AI techniques
Human tracking in crowded areas against theft using a modified and improved real time image processing using Raspberry Pi.
Automatic steering and lane changing systems through real time camera input for self driving vehicles using image processing techniques.

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