Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Electronic Engineering 2020

Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Electronic Engineering 2020

Exclusive for scholars pursuing their PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering with base papers (peer-reviewed articles)

  1. Energy Efficiency Examination of Comb Source Carrier-Injection Ring depend on Photonic Silicon Connection
  1. Silicon Photonics is on Wavelength division multiplexing Compatible Polarisation-Diverse OAM Generator and Multiplexer
  1. Integrating Ultra-Wideband Antennas with the Bluetooth
  2. Wetness Detection – Bluetooth depends on microcontroller unit and (Global System for Mobile communication
  3. Electrical Annealing – examination of the performance of Organic Rectifying Diodes
  4. Depend on organic light-emitting diodes – Optical camera communication system for IoT
  5. Enhancement in wireless body application for the deployment of a Human Body Phantom Model.
  6. Manipulation of wireless body area network in Clothing Spoof Surface Plasmons
  7. Deliberation of Human Body Blocking in User-Dense Condition and analyzation of Channel Capacity of Millimetre-Wave WBAN
  8. Tackling the catastrophic forgetting interface using an artificial neural network
  9. Wavelength Demultiplexer Models Running on Several Spatial Modes of the Rectangular Waveguide
  10. Enhancement in Decision Making with Photonics for Bandit Issues
  11. Binary Coherent Optical Receiver depend on Opto-Electronic Neural Network
  12. Backside Metal Mirrors with a grating coupler in silicon insulator
  13. Autonomous network diagnosis with Artificial intelligence (AI)
  14. Detection and visualization of terahertz using ballistic graphene rectifiers
  15. Challenges for 5 G Mobile Backhaul network based on threats and attacks
  16. Examination of CoAP with the DTLS Protocol in the communications of Fog-to-Fog.
  17. Distance-Based system for Named Software-Defined Vehicular Networks (NSDVN) in Broadcast Storm Mitigation
  18. Security and threats challenges in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks MANETs

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