Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Electrical Engineering 2020

Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Electrical Engineering 2020

Exclusive for scholars pursuing their PhD in Electrical Engineering with base papers (peer-reviewed articles)

  1. Improvement of power quality in the distribution line due to the distributed generation of renewable energy
  2. Machine learning based Energy management system for better optimisation of power in electric vehicles.
  3. Efficient and fast wireless power transfer between charging stations and electric vehicles for saving time.
  4. Effective optimisation of power supply in micro grids for reduced dependency on the connected main grid.
  5. Comparison of efficiency of various three phase grid connected converters under different grid faults.
  6. Comparison of different types of phase converters with respect to the efficiency.
  7. Comparison of power outputs and efficiency of three phase converters and inverters for wind turbines.
  8. Efficient power distribution through Ultra High Voltage DC (UHVDC) supply and its comparison to current AC power distribution standards
  9. Improvement in efficiency of stepping down power supply of UHVDC near the residential areas.
  10. A hybrid FACTS device that solves the issues in the SVC and STATCOM for efficient reactive power compensation
  11. Improvement of THD ratio in three phase cascaded multilevel power converters from one PV source.
  12. Efficient synchronization of frequency and stability of two different gird system with contrasting sources of power supply.
  13. Damping of oscillation in rotors of machines using VAR compensators.
  14. Improvement of smart grid stability at times of network attacks using Artificial Intelligence.
  15. Reactive power compensation during the convergence of grid system with distributed generation.

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