Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Civil Engineering 2020

Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Civil Engineering 2020

Exclusive for scholars pursuing their PhD in Civil Engineering with base papers (peer-reviewed articles)

  1. Investigation of use of waste plastic in manufacturing of bricks along with M-sand and Quarry dust.

Base Papers:

  1. Investigation of self-healing concrete by using different Pozzolanic materials and identifying the most suitable material.
  2. Comparing the standards of coarse aggregates in different regions of India
  3. GIS based performance assessment framework and index for Indian smart cities to identify the performance of each city.
  4. GIS based method to estimate the discharge and distribution of water in various rivers/
  5. Performance of Reinforced Concrete Structures with respect to accidental fires during earthquakes.
  6. GIS Based electrification in rural regions using renewable Energy Resources.
  7. Geospatial analysis of glaciers and icebergs in the polar region due to the increasing problem of climate change.
  8. Geospatial analysis of Himalayan glaciers and the dangers it poses by melting due to climate change.
  9. Spatio-temporal modelling of the depleting ground water in Chennai in 3D environment
  10. Dynamic analysis of rigid platform structures in Indian railway stations while considering the disturbances from the moving train.
  11. GIS based analysis of the increasing traffic problem in Bangalore and measures to address them.
  12. Intelligent public transport system using optimisation of the routes and public crowd.
  13. Addition of different admixtures based on waster material addition in the subgrade material.
  14. Analysis and design of pavements in large industries for heavy vehicles.

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