How can we select an interesting UK research Ph.D. topic in Management? What are the challenges faced by UK scholars pursuing their Ph.D. Journey? Ten challenges of pursuing Ph.D management in the UK with appropriate topics

Scholars pursuing a Ph.D. journey in the UK find it as not an easy task. In spite of it being the educational hub of the world, they face a lot of challenges to complete them successfully. And that, too, for a Ph.D. in Management is a daunting task for many scholars as it is the highest academic degree awarded in the study of management science. Filling in the management knowledge gap needs a lot of reading, comprehensive knowledge of the field, and guidance to get PhDs. Only an exciting topic could help the scholars for the gruesome task for many years to become doctorates of Management

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Ten challenges faced by UK scholars in their Ph.D. studies

Many students come to the UK with high hopes of becoming Ph.D. scholars in a few years. Many get lured by the prospects offered to pursue the Ph.D. management journey in the UK. It includes international work experience, an exciting research team, and also an opportunity to develop valuable skills with cutting-edge techniques in the specified field. All this is apart from the many monetary gains that a Ph. D could get. But if it is only after successfully facing the challenges along the journey in pursuit of management doctorate which include

1. University supervisors may lack knowledge in the specific field of Ph.D. study, as they must not have worked in it previously
2. Equipment necessary for the research may not be in place
3. The methods to be used for the current research may be outdated and in no way could be beneficial for development
4. International collaborations may not be possible and even discouraging on occasions
5. Lack of helping programs like workshops, mentoring, social events and others
6. Unsecure funding for Ph.D. studies
7. Reduced funding during the Ph.D. studies
8. Lack of supervisors support to get proper funding
9. Concerns of future with Ph.D. degrees
10. Personal problems like lack of motivation, work-life balance, time management, and many others

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Overcoming all these challenges for a Ph.D. management has sure got its benefits. There are better opportunities with Ph.D. management in today’s fast-paced business world.  But to complete a Ph.D. management needs an appropriate topic to keep the interest afloat among all the challenges for an extended period of the Ph.D. journey. Topic selection is the fountainhead of Ph.D. writing and enables shrugging of all difficulties to get the doctorate with pride and fullest satisfaction. Since management science is about planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding, and controlling human and financial resources, it needs prudence to find the right topic. Also, it should adhere to the requirements and specifications of the institution for it to be approved to get the doctorate.

If there is one field of Ph.D. study that has been influenced much from globalization, technological evolution, and environmental, social, and political concerns along with frequent crises, it is only Management. Hence to select the right topic in these ever-changing management studies is a daunting task for scholars but a rewarding one. Management only decides what is in demand and how ROI could be increased in the business world with increasing questions all the time.  Hence to choose the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack, which is both challenging and rewarding for management Ph.D. scholars. The following are some of the demand areas in Management to find the right topic.

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Social entrepreneurship

For scholars who want to make their research have a positive impact on the world, social entrepreneurship would be the right choice. It gives a meaning for their Ph.D. studies and motivates them to complete it successfully with a purpose.
• How social marketing strategies impact children in emerging markets
• A study on the evolution of social entrepreneurship in the last five years in the US

Corporate responsibility, accountability & ethics

Off late CSR or corporate social responsibility is a hot topic for many research scholars. Ethics is fast becoming the pressing topic of many types of researches now. Responsibility, accountability, ethics along with sustainability has become the core research priorities of many Ph.D. management scholars.
• Impact of CSR on accountability and corporate governance
• What are the prevailing differences between CSR in developed and developing countries

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Resource management

Topics on resource management could have far-fetching reach as it is one of the foundations of Management. To do more with less and that too effectively brings in more topics for Management. Energy, water, sustainability, and much more macro management of resources will be concerning environmental and social issues also for management topics.

• Employees Association role and responsibilities with the Management of an organization
• How strategic management of an organization improves socioeconomic growth of organization and employees

Technology management

The future of today’s organizations depends mainly on how they adapt to and leverage disruptive technologies and business models. Hence to select a topic on technology management as a business strategy will bring in a bright career future for the scholars. It could bring them an entrepreneurial mindset to be ready for the hi-tech real business world after getting their doctorates successfully. The topics could be a combination of technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy research to get the best results from Ph.D. management studies.


• How to use technology management principles to optimize equipment procurement strategies
• An assessment of the appropriate technology management strategies in the automobile industry

Account & finance

The evergreen sub-fields of Management are the accounts, and finance which are the lifeblood of any organization. It could be challenging as well as stimulating for any scholar to get the right topic. Financial accounting focuses on accounting, policy selection, and accounting standards and could provide many issues which could differ in terms of complexity and size.


• A study on the evolution of investment banking in emerging markets
• An analysis of the fast-growing Forex trading volume in Australia

The above ten challenges and topics for management Ph.D. studies will guide through the turbulent times of Ph.D. journey in the UK.

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