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  • Bullet trains is going to be a new addition to India
  • There are lots of political and social issues against the project
  • There are lots of reasons for the late entry of high speed rail to India
  • This article analyses the causes of the delayed entry and identifies the various issues in laying down the work.


High speed trains are considered to be those with at least a minimum speed of 250 km/h. They have been installed in many developed and a few developing countries (Zampieri, Rocchi, Schito, & Somaschini, 2019). The presence of a bullet train boosts the economy and the image of the country to the outside world. Even though India is one of the few countries where railways were constructed early, it still lacks behind in high speed network. The first high speed train is will be between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, which is set to start construction in 2020 and is estimated to be completed by the end of 2023 (NHSRCL, 2019). It is necessary to analyze why India lacks behind in this sector even though having a head start in the railway sector.

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Some Upgrades from old trains

The main setback for the bullet train is that it requires separate customized rail tracks for operation and cannot run on ordinary tracks (Taniguchi, 1992). There have been various upgrades to the old trains and the Indian railways have launched newer trains, but since all of them are suitable in existing tracks, this was easy.

Implementation of bullet train

Implementation of bullet train must take a completely new strategy by forgetting everything they knew about railways. This is why the government has partnered with Japan, who are leading in the manufacture and running the high speed lines. The government is planning to buy 7 trains as of now from Japan. The laying of the new tracks has their own problems and the major issue is the land acquisition. The severe bureaucracy and red-tapism is making it difficult to acquire the lands from the individuals and most of the land owners are not happy with the compensation they are receiving.

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Research on first bullet train

India and Japan publicly issued a statement on May 29, 2013, for conducting a joint feasibility research for the construction of the first train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The proposed connection will improve the economy of both the cities and also intermediate cities where the train will stop. The feasibility will assess the situation of the social impacts for those who will be relocated and also for those who will lose their property.

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Bullet train project development

The High Speed Rail Corporation (HSRC) has been created under the Railway Ministry for developing and implementing the high speed rail and future projects. Initial studies have been done jointly by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Indian Ministry of Railways to check the feasibility before confirming the corridor. Some of the major works carried out were the study of existing reports, travel demand forecasting, topological survey, geological survey, and hydrological survey, environmental and social considerations.

Figure 1 Geographical Survey

Problems of implementing bullet train project

More problems were faced by the government as soon the project was announced. There have been protests in some areas over plans for land acquisition and multiple petitions were filed in the courts (Times, 2019). This is problematic since again due to red-tapism, the cases may take years to get closed. However, the government claims that they are offering 25% more than the actual legal land price. The other problem is the clearance from the environmental and forest department since the rail crosses through reserve forests (Koshy, 2019)


  • Indian transportation industry is looking optimistic with the introduction of the bullet trains. This will create a huge competition for the domestic airplanes since the trains would now be faster.
  • However, lots of investments would be required for installing it throughout the world. With new tracks to be laid down, advanced automatic signaling systems to be introduced for seeking higher success for high-speed trains, the Government has been inviting tenders for more foreign collaboration to simply the process. This will ultimately increase investment opportunities for the Indian railway sectors.

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