Are You Submitting a manuscript for a first time to a reputed journal? Look at Five Critical factors to get your article in the best shape you can.

Are You Submitting a manuscript for a first time to a reputed journal? Look at Five Critical factors to get your article in the best shape you can.

Every researcher gets great satisfaction to see their first manuscript published in reputed journals, which will showcase their intelligence, talents, and skills to the wide range of experts across the globe in their field of specialisation. Their years of struggle to conceive, conceptualize, plan, organize, execute and reporting their research findings will vanish once when they see the end product appearing in a journal of repute for the first time. However, academic journal manuscript writing is highly competitive that demands sufficient knowledge of the subject along with exceptional writing skills to get the approval of the expert editorials of the reputed journal publications.

Publishing your First Academic Manuscript will require your absolute commitment and critical time to develop a superlative piece of academic writing that can match the high expectations of the expert editors in this highly competitive journal publication field. As an academic article writer, you have to confront various challenges in important aspects like generating a valuable idea for the article, knowledge of publication procedures, target audience-specific writing skills and the know-how of proper way to structure an academic paper, etc. regardless of your discipline.

How to Publish Your First Journal Article?

How to Publish Your First Journal Article?

There are some valuable tips on getting an article published from various experienced journal editors operating in a range of academic backgrounds. Some of the following tips will significantly get the first article in shape and will be of immense help in your endeavor to get your first article published in a reputed journal.

#1: Focus on the writing stage – Storyline creation

Focus on the writing stage Storyline creation

The majority of expert editors are of the opinion that as an academic writer, you have to take adequate time to think of the proper presentation of the article and ensure your article’s story progresses in a logical manner.

  • Whom you’re targeting?
  • What’s their problem?
  • Is the problem being addressed already? What not being addressed?
    • Industry problem – & economic impact
    • Methodology/specific technique related
    • Previous solutions
  • Why they need to address now?
  • What methodology that you’re going to adopt?
  • Who’s is your target audience?
  • Why they need to read your paper?

#2: Proper selection of research article/manuscript title

 Proper selection of research article manuscript title

Article Title plays a significant role in communicating the important essence of the article and also in grabbing the attention of the journal editors as well as the targeted audience. All reputed journal’s editors give a major emphasis for the title, which needs to be relevant, unique and fitting to convey the purpose of the article.

  • Target audience
  • Problem / solution
  • Methodology/study design adopted
  • Location

#3: Ensure proper & Logical flow – Headings & Sub-Headings

Ensure proper Logical flow – Headings and Sub Headings

Journal publishers will look for sequential flow of contents in your article and an unhindered flow of presentation of your ideas. You need to identify all important article headings and subheadings that will effectively communicate the critical and unique information presented in your paper.

#4: Abstract has to contain the main argument

Abstract has to contain the main argument

Reputed journal editors will expect your main arguments to be presented explicitly and clearly in the very first paragraph of your paper. The arguments need not be hidden and can run through all different sections of your article. One of the biggest mistake done by the majority of the research scholars is they do not want to discuss limitations of their studies rather they merely focus on justifying the article against the previous publication. This is one of the reasons for rejection of the paper as peer reviewers except for exhaustive limitations that require a critical appraisal

#5: Choose the right journal

Choose the right journal phd assistance

As an aspiring academic writer, you need to make a proper ground research and take feedback from your colleagues or expert article writers before choosing a suitable journal for your academic paper publication. An appropriate journal selection will significantly improve the chances of your article getting published and reach your desired target audience.

Expert companies in this highly specialised area offer a wide range of services like article writing, presentation and publishing to the varied demands of the clients. Thus, to follow the correct article submission procedures, it is advisable for you to take the assistance of professional service providers to get your academic papers Published in reputed journals to get Ph.D. degree in your respective discipline

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