The PhD Research Hurdle

PhD Challenges
The PhD thesis is a complex research report that requires a high degree of commitment and dedicated efforts of the researcher to plan and execute all activities critical for the research study. PhD thesis writing involves many essential stages and is quite different from the thesis preparation for achieving lower level academic degrees. At the outset, the concerned PhD scholars need to possess in-depth knowledge of the research topic, followed by the various critical stages involved in conducting a well-structured research study and finally should also have excellent thesis writing and presentation skills.

Thus, it poses a huge challenge for all the students and researchers aspiring to achieve their coveted PhD degree in the respective area of specialisation.

PhD Challenges

Students undergo lot of stress during the research process as it involves micro level planning of all vital research stages starting from

  • Selection of appropriate and researchable thesis topic of interest to the community, mentor, and the student
  • Review of literature relevant to the Ph.D. research study
  • Development of Research design and methodology
  • Identification and procurement of critical resources essential for the study
  • Optimal utilisation of valuable resources
  • Data collection and sampling
  • Data compilation, analysis, and suitable interpretation
  • Thesis writing using suitable research terminologies, language style, and grammar checks
  • Presentation of graphical data with associated support tables and references
  • Sufficient knowledge of statistical concepts, techniques, and utilisation of tools used in the study
  • Referencing, citation and project work compilation.

Overcoming the Research Hurdle

All the above mentioned stages require micro level planning on the part of the researchers to ensure all relevant critical aspects are duly incorporated in the study, thereby resulting in the achievement of research objectives and anticipated findings. Any failure in any of the stages may have significant adverse effects on the study course and may result in the failure to complete the study within the deadline specified by the particular university.

Hence, the students need to have a proper understanding as to the time required to complete PhD thesis writing and develop a proper timeline before the commencement of their research studies.

Importance of thesis writing

Thesis Writing is a specialised area that requires complete command over the research topic under investigation and more importantly, specific writing skills that will be essential to effectively communicate the researcher’s knowledge and expertise in conducting the study.


The quality of the thesis work is paramount to obtain approval and acquire better grades from the evaluators of the respective universities. Thus, the research scholar needs to present significant information and study findings as per benchmarks laid down by the University which will convince and satisfy concerned university evaluators. A sub-standard writing will not adequately portray the efforts of the researcher and will fetch the student only lower grades in the final evaluation.

Significance of Writing Skills

It cannot be said that all researchers and students will possess the necessary writing skills with a perfect understanding of the appropriate language styles, grammar, and other important writing abilities. Therefore, it is essential for the students and researchers to take requisite thesis writing tips from skilled writers who are subject matter experts and mentors possessing loads of experience in the specialised field of thesis writing.

The task of writing a PhD research thesis is not easy and can prove to be very challenging, cumbersome and time consuming. A large number of researchers are known to abandon their research mid-way owing to their inability to overcome the hurdles in PhD research. Though a substantial number of researchers manage to complete their actual research and thesis writing process, their research is often rejected due to haphazard structuring, poor writing and referencing or relevance to the topic in question. All these challenges can be overcome by engaging the services of PhD Assistance.

PhD Assistance Advantage

PhD Assistance provides professional dissertation and thesis writing services along with valuable PhD advice and professional guidance support at all levels of their project activities starting from conception stage to the project compilation and presentation stage. The key advantages offered by PhD Assistance are that we extend round the clock service, are committed to quality, shorter turnaround times and unlimited revisions.

Thus, considering all the hurdles in PhD Research, it is better for research scholars to acquire professional assistance/guidance in thesis writing to successfully complete their desired PhD degree. Partnering with PhD Assistance would be the right choice.

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