How to structure a computer science dissertation for a doctoral degree?

Every single Computer Science Doctoral Student must draft a good PhD dissertation for the successful completion of his/her doctoral degree. So, the PhD scholar should understand the importance of drafting a good dissertation and conducting diligent research for his/her doctoral degree. It takes a strong plan, broad thinking ability, good research topic selection, proper guidance, good decision making skills, determination, hard work etc. to write a good PhD Computer Science Dissertation. To be honest, there is no such fixed format or curriculum for the PhD students. So, the student should wisely analyse and make discussions based on his/her own caliber. I would highly recommend seeking computer science dissertation writing Help to write a good PhD computer science dissertation.

For a doctoral student to write a good dissertation, he/she should meticulously develop a strong structure for his/her dissertation. To develop a strong structure, the foundation of the dissertation should be strong and stable in the first place. So, the scholar should wisely select a good dissertation topic to establish a strong foundation for his/her research. Furthermore, I would highly recommend you to seek a Computer Science Engineering Dissertation Writing help service provider for choosing the right engineering dissertation topics for your research work. I can also assure you that this article will surely help you to develop a strong structure for your dissertation.

Basic PhD structure for a computer science dissertation

  1. Formulate your dissertation’s structure

There is no such particular structural Framework for Writing a PhD dissertation. So, the PhD student should frame a structure according to the selected research topic. While writing a computer science dissertation, the student should make sure that the body segment of dissertation has enough chapters to include all the necessary research data, calculations etc.

Moreover, the student should check the department’s guideline before framing a structure for his/her dissertation. Once the dissertation’s structure is formulated, the student should make sure that he/she gets approval from his/her mentor before proceeding. Nowadays, there are many computer science dissertation help providers available on the internet who would provide writing help with thesis in computer science and other domains. So, It is advisable to do a detailed background study about the service providers before choosing them.

  1. Title page

This is the first page of the dissertation where the student should clearly mention the title of the Research Work, the PhD Student’s name with the registration number, supervisor name, course & department name, the college logo and the date of submission in it. Ensure that your title is simple, catchy and easily “google-able” for others. An ideal dissertation title should try to elucidate the aim, objective and the research work conducted. Generally, a good dissertation title will be no more than 7 to 9 words.

  1. Acknowledgement

This section is exclusively to show your gratitude towards the college, department, higher officials, mentors, other faculties, friends, parents etc who have helped you to draft the dissertation.


  1. Abstract

An ideal abstract should summarize the central idea of the research dissertation and it should not be more than 200 to 250 words. As per the quotes, “Face is the index of the mind” this section is the index of the dissertation so the scholar should draft it meticulously with high priority. Even Though abstract is short, this is the first section (and sometimes the only section) that people will read. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to get it right. Ensure that your abstract addresses the following,

  • Addresses the aim, objective and main idea of the research work.
  • States the problem statement and solution for it.
  • Describes the methodology, problem approach.
  • Summarizes the results (preferably in numbers or values).
  • Concludes with proper conclusion.  

Students can even make use of the computer science research paper abstract writing service from a professional computer science dissertation service provider to draft a good abstract.


  1. Table of content & list of figures, tables and abbreviation

In the table of content, the scholar should list all the chapters and subheadings according to the page number for reader’s convenience. Moreover, the list of figures, tables and abbreviations is also tabulated for better navigation purposes to the readers.


  1. Introduction

This section should give a brief idea about the Research Topic, problem statement to be addressed and the purpose of conducting this research work to the readers. The scholar should make sure that he/she mentions the following in the introduction;

  • Establish your research topic and the previous works related to this topic.
  • Narrow down the topic and mention the scope of the research work.
  • Put down your research questions and objective of this research work.


  1. Literature review

This is one of the vital sections in the dissertation where the scholar should have a clear understanding about the previous works in the relevant topic. In this section, the scholar is expected to;

  • Collect all the viable sources relevant to his/her research topic.
  • Thoroughly Analyse all the collected sources.
  • Figure out the similarities, method used and problem approach in each research work.

Once the Literature Review phase is done, the scholar can easily figure out the research gaps and other hypotheses in the selected topic. subsequently, new theory and methodology should be formulated and Finally, the scholar should conclude this section by proposing a theoretical solution for the unsolved problem.

  1. Methodology

In a Professional Computer Science Dissertation, methodology section should illustrate the problem approach, methods used and the experiments conducted during the research phase. Data Collection and Data Analysis is an important segment in any research work. So, to ensure whether the student is using the right method to extract and analyse the data. It is advisable to refer to multiple data collection and data analysis computer science dissertations relevant to the current research. Furthermore, this section should be inclusive of the following;

  • Problem approach and the type of research carried out.
  • methods used to collect and analyse data.
  • Materials & Apparatus used for the experiment and the lab facility used.
  • Difficulties during the experimental phase.
  • Validation of the methods used in this research phase.


  1. Results and discussion

This is the most vital part of the dissertation where the scholar should present the results obtained from the experiments. The scholar should ensure that he/she is not manipulating or exaggerating the actual results. Furthermore, it is advisable to include Graphs, tables, charts, figures etc for illustration purposes. The student should carefully present only the necessary results which are required. Try to avoid presenting charts or figures with the same information which is already explained.

  1. Conclusion

This is the final part of the dissertation where the student wraps up the dissertation by summarizing the entire research process briefly. The conclusion section generally addresses the merits, advantages and the scope of the current work. It is also important to specify the future works of the research. This section should conclusively illustrate the objectives achieved in the current work.


  1. Reference

It is mandatory to cite all the sources which you have used to write the dissertation. If the scholar fails to cite the respective work of others, it may be considered as an act of intellectual theft or plagiarism. So it is highly recommended to bookmark or save the sources simultaneously as you read it.


  1. Appendices

All the results obtained from the research cannot be presented entirely in the dissertation. Usually, information which lacks direct contribution to answering the research questions is often neglected from the main part of the dissertation and simply added in this section.



As quoted by the american social activist Abbie Hoffman,“structure is more than content in the transmission of information.” the structure of the dissertation plays an equal and significant part as the research content in writing a good computer science dissertation. Thus, this article conclusively illustrates the basic PhD structure for a Computer Science Dissertation. I hope this article gives you a clear idea about the structural framework to be followed while writing your research dissertation.





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