What will be the Correct Approach to Select the Best Topic for Research?


  1. Several things are there to consider while selecting a topic for your research. One of the essential things that should be noted is choosing a topic that will enable you to understand.
  2. Identifying a gap in the literature review will help you to proceed with the Research Topic.
  3. Selecting a topic is the vital step in the research a good topic must be narrow and focused enough to be exciting. PhD Literature Review Gap Identification will help you to select the topic that is easily accessible for research.


A Good Topic will interest your audience and also give you the ability to provide a great outcome from the research.  A good topic will make you feel better that the work done by you is convinced to say that the work is accurate, and it will fulfil the purpose to acquire the confidence in your research. Choose a topic from the subject that you are familiar with. It will create a trust to deliver excellent research work.


Gap Identification Literature Review help will give way to Choose a topic from a broad subject which will help you find information about the topic—choosing a narrow topic which will be hard to find a piece of information. A topic from a broad subject will help you in the background research that will help you in developing the research objective.


Pick broad research:

 The vital thing to take note while picking a research topic is choosing the topic which has a broad field of research. It is not the needed thing you must know everything about the topic to select it. It is enough that the topic you chose contains the required information to proceed with the research and gain knowledge about the research area you select. Literature Review Identifying a Gap service help you to pick a broad stream and the area that is needed research.

Need for background information:

 After choosing two or three topics on the subject, you are familiar with doing background information will help you to find the essential content and also helps to understand the research problem easily. Background information gives the main key points to start your research on the field and helps to gain knowledge about the topic that you choose to do your research.


Identify the gap:

 The Research Gap refers to the area need to explore where others not done the research. The gap analysis is the process that is applied to find the need for research on several topics. It is the process of comparing one’s research with the actual outcome and the desired outcome. This gap analysis helps to give a better way to the readers to understand the need for research on the topic. By comparing this, one can conclude that the need to work on the study is available on this topic. It is the process that is applied to check that there is any gap in the research that needs improvement. Identifying a Gap in PhD Literature is the process that will make you go in the right way with the expert’s support. Without expert support, it will generate pressure in the research.


Why is the research gap significant?

 It is essential to find a single research gap because there may be a chance of the idea posted on the research you are wasting your resources and fund into the study. So, finding a different research gap that will have a chance of your research finding getting published is the essential thing to be considered while Choosing a Topic for a Dissertation.


Challenge while identifying the research gap:

 Identifying the research gap that comes up with the original research will make the whole thing into effortless. There is a lot to be answered in the research article and dealing with the lot of information will put you under pressure. Since there is a presence of n number of data, you may find it challenging to organize and give an idea and also there is a chance to lose the idea. Literature Gap and Future Research will help you find it easy to identify the research gap and help you choose the best topic.


Steps to identify the research gap:

 Framework for identifying research gaps include pick, choose and categorize the gaps in the research papers. Picking is the most vital part of the identification process. One should know to select the most valuable research questions and know how to give priority for the information you picked. Choose the things according to the preference and the interest of yours towards the research. PhD Literature Gap and Future Research will guide you to identify the unique research gap in the articles, papers and give the best topic for your research.


Collect a list of keywords:

 Literature Review Gap Identification is the crucial step in the Topic Selection that has the purpose of helping you find various papers based on your need. Collecting keywords defined the field and the subfield you are working. Take a bunch of keywords to categorize them with the research that you are looking for. Picking the relevant keyword is essential to do further research based on the keyword you selected. Prioritize the keyword you chose and give them the importance to find the research article.


Read more about the topic: 

 Use the keywords that you are collected to find more research articles, books based on it and you need to find the answer for your research question by reading the articles. Reading more articles will make you have a clear view of your research. Read more articles and books before giving the final topic for your research.


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