Is Google A Right Source For Identifying My Literature Review?

In academic research, a literature review is considered a vital research process. Here, we provide guidance for performing literature review. Usually, you go with Google for identification or collection of published papers related to your research field. But, still there lies a confusion whether Google is the right choice to perform literature review or not?. Here, we clear the doubt whether Google is an appropriate tool for collecting literature review. While Google search is efficient, there is a customized version for scholars to search academic articles known as Google Scholar.

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Lot of information availability!

At first, you need to understand clear description of the research domain with identification of repetitive and derivations for the collection of literature using Google scholar. Simply, a search can be performed through typing the research related keyword in the search bar, but there will be countless number of links, which makes it difficult to identify the right link. You need to utilize lots of time for deriving the appropriate keyword for yielding results. Some importan sites that can be used are repositories like Google scholar. For an effective collection of literature, the best practices about valuable tool need to be utilized for search.

Use of Citation to perform backward search of literature

Google scholar search provides information about the article in the citation form which is visible in the results page of search engine. Those available links are clickable and it even offers cited sources which have referred those article. This helps you in identification of resource source utilization. Also, you can identify whether the sources are utilized for same research purpose of similar domain. Through this, you able to gather clear information about the particular article based on this you can conclude whether this can be utilized for your research domain or not.

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Incognito Mode for better results

Usually, Google standard mode remembers searches that have been conducted in past and links you have used or clicked past and provides bits of information about the article. Actually, this will not be effective since it impacts the next search conducted in Google. This is appropriate when you are conducting general information or content for your research. But, in academic research it is not great for collecting content related to a particular subject. For collecting academic research literature, Google skew results are based on the past results. So how you can overcome this?
At instance, consider going in incognito mode for collecting literature review since searches are not saved. In incognito mode, your results are not influenced by anything like previous search results.

Defining Keywords for your search

In collecting review for literature using Google scholar, do not type keywords for your research domain, sometimes it will be helpful and emerging but it leads to repetitive and jumbled results. So, you can write what you want to learn in your research, after which you can break those in to chunks or subtopics. Once the research requirement are classified as subtopics, create keywords and keyword phrases for the framed subtopic. In case, if you are not familiar with topic, encyclopedia, news and other standard sources can be used. Based on the academic research, keyword sources are applied to Google scholar for achieving significant results

In order to identify the literature review, we have reviewed the report (recent peer-reviewed topics).

Stay organized with libraries

You can create your own library in Google scholar and you can save those searched results in library. Even, you can build library for specific research topics or field of interest. In clear, whenever you find an appropriate match for your search, you can store that content in your library, copy the link or you can bookmark those link for later reference. Later, Google Scholar can be used in specific library when results are collected for specific domain.

Select related articles for sources

When you search in Google scholar for identification of sources, you can be able to select related articles for your search. As you expected, additional scholarly resources are gathered for selected results.

Citation automation

To be honest, citing sources and construction of bibliographies or working on cited pages are complex and time-consuming task. Notably, this is critical while you are at the end of your project since if you start working with citation, it becomes a big task. But, thankfully, Google scholar includes a larger range of automated process the thing you do is clicking of cite button which appears below each article you just copy those citations alone. By this way you can complete bibliography of your research domain. In case, if you use citations for the created library it will be highly effective for creating citations for tracking all sources utilized for selected research article and you can able to do citation as you required.

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Advanced Search

To retain appropriate and effective literature there is an option in Google that is advanced search features, which enables you to perform filters and other parameter setting for your research. For example, if you want an article published between the years 2014 and 2019, you can select this time frame and range. Even you can specifically mention what kind of resources you want like academic databases, funder articles or university recognized articles.

Notification about recent literature

In case, you require a recently published article which published in an events you can set alert in Google to receive notification about that topic. After reception of notification you can able to gather relevant information about published article and it can be indexed in Google scholar. This functionality of Google is highly useful for your research since you can able to get knowledge up-to-date to gather information for your research domain. Even Google itself navigates you to identify the appropriate article for your research.


Even though Google search is not directly not suitable for selecting literature review, its subordinate Google Scholar can be used as an effective tool. Here we have presented the advanced features of Google Scholar for collecting literature review for your research now you can be decided whether Google is an appropriate tool for collecting article. Google Scholar is an excellent resource for conducting academic research work for collecting relevant literature of research domain. Google scholar is an useful and effective tool for collecting number of relevant article for your research. On the whole, Google is effective and significant tool for various aspects of academic writing and research purpose. Due to its advanced option, even standard Google search links Google scholar to its main page. It can also be accessed manully by typing in the address tab. On the whole, it is concluded that Google is relevant tool for collecting literature review for your academic research.

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