Dissertation Development Tips For Writing Qualitative Research Methodology

In Brief

  • You will find the best dissertation research areas/topics for future researchers enrolled in Engineering and technology
  • To identify future research topics, we have reviewed the Engineering and management literature (recent peer-reviewed studies)
  • In the dissertation, research methodology generally provides answers to the research problem.
  • The questionnaire is the best way of collecting data. In this way, both qualitative and quantitative data are being managed.


Dissertations include some chapters that are used to describe details for our research work.  Compare to the master’s dissertation; the PhD dissertation contains several pages and more details. For sample, in PhD dissertation, the introduction chapter includes 30%, literature review 40%, research methodology 30%, and finally, the conclusion chapter 20%.  In this blog, we described the research methodology for MBA dissertation work.

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The research methodology is one of the essential chapters for dissertation work because, in this chapter, we write the methodology for our research work and also we provide the solution for our research question. In general, the researcher carried the scientific approach in the methodology chapter. The research method carried the various parts like,
• Data collection
• Research analysis
• Research calculation
• Justification of research methods
The research methodology is generally classified into two:
• Quantitative research methodology
• Qualitative research methodology

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Difference between quantitative research methodology and qualitative research methodology


Figure: Types of research methodology
Source: © https://researchbasics.education.uconn.edu/types-of-research/

Scientific process for research methodology

1. Identify the problem
2. Clarify the problem
3. Determine what kind of data will help you to analyses the work
4. Organise the gathering data
5. Interpret the results

What are the things included in the research methodology part?

In the dissertation, the research methodology generally provides answers to the research problem and also the benefits of the research work. The research methodology includes,
1. Research question
2. Description of research method/design
3. Background of the research method
4. Evaluation results for the research method

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Common types of research methods

The qualitative data are generally collected by conducting:
• Interviews
• Observations
• Questionnaires
• Documentary analysis


It is one of the popular techniques to gather data from others. In this type, the interview questions are like experience, feelings and viewpoint of others. Most of the students initially prepare the questions for a particular topic.


This is another way of collecting data. In this way, it’s been observed that the people under some specific circumstances to get the data.


The questionnaire is the best way of collecting data. In this way, both qualitative and quantitative data are being managed. The inquiries are the perfect way of research which is used to analyze the parameters for some set of comparisons:
• Percentage of agreeing with propositions
• Level of awareness
• Average age

Document analysis

In this section, the existing documents without any interviews, questioning others, and observing others behavior are being analyzed. Documents are the perceptible material with facts or recorded ideas.

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How to write the qualitative research methodology

In the qualitative dissertation, the research methodology section includes
1. Type of research?
2. What are the procedures used to collect the data?
3. What are the methods used to analyses the data?
4. Which tool is used for this research work?
In stock, the research methodology section is written in the present tense.
Some of the tips for completing research methodology
The completing research methodology is one of the challenging tasks for the research scholar. Some tips for completing research methodology:
• Describe the research approaches
• Data collection details
• Methodology analysis details
• Evaluate and justify the methodology idea
• Writing a strong methodology
• Conclusion of the research methodology

What makes people do in the research work?

 To select the unsolved problems to solve
 Enjoying with some creative work
 To get the respectability
 Get the recognition
 Getting curiosity to find the unknown facts
 To serve the society to address the social problems


In the research methodology chapter, the summary is the final section. In this section, the research techniques and their results are defined. It is one of the significant parts of the research methodology section. So the section should be clear and precise.

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