Customer Trust And Commitment: Components Of Relationship Marketing

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• You will find the best dissertation /dissertation research areas/topics for future researchers enrolled in Business and management.
• To identify future research topics, we have reviewed the Business and management literature (recent peer-reviewed studies).
• Today, shaping the trust and commitment through relationship marketing play a significant role.
• Writing the dissertation topics on relationship marketing is not a simple thing; PhD student should understand the value of the topic.

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is a relational-based exchange approach; it has been used by numerous companies to keep their customers happy and also a response to their feedback and suggestion as well as follows the best practices to maintain a long-term relationship with the customers. Today, shaping the trust and commitment through relationship marketing play a significant role.

Shaping the customer trust

The concept is simple; marketers want the relationship marketing people to manage the relationship with customers because companies are putting a lot of investments to attract new customers but in reality, easily existing customers has been dissatisfied with their product/services, (Difficult to know-how trending customer behavior changes) even some customers went because of getting new offers from the other marketers.
Best practices of Relationship marketing in business
1. Conduct surveys, questionnaire, and regular polls to filter the up-to-date feedback from customers
2. Collect the feedback and incorporate those into the company’s business practices
3. Connect with social customers through Social CRM
4. Everyone use clear policy how company staffs should interact with customers in all possible situations. Update your policy according to the customer mindset map.
5. Leverage the worth of warm leads and stay ahead on the cutting edge of the product offerings

For example:

In Airline industry, passenger reward and appreciation program has been conducted to keep their customer back and make their happy to create strong bond. In addition, a passenger/passengers willing for a particular change in policy, product or procedure, so with the help of the relation marketing company would understand the situation or listens and responds back them that help to leverage existing passengers easily.

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5 Importance of relationship marketing in business

1. Multiply the Words of Mouth Referrals
2. Create a strong relation with local markets
3. High ROI compares to capital investment
4. Real-time feedback and review
5. sustain customer loyalty, satisfaction, and relationship

Interpersonal RM (Relationship Marketing) theory


                    Customer Relationship Theory


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Relationship marketing – Dissertation writing

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