What is the major reason for rejecting a Ph.D. research proposal and how to avoid these problems?


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PA – What is the major reason for rejecting a Ph.D. research


In Australia and Britain, the students contact the supervisors regularly for research work. By the first year of the study, the student gets a PhD Doctoral Dissertation Proposal. This is compulsory as they promote research activities. By contrast, the students of North America have research work after the studies with a committee of people who are said as examiner and guide. The supervisors are external and internal in Britain. In Australia, the supervisors are external and if there is a dispute with Plagiarism correction, then the number of examiners rises to three.

In the final year of the study, the undergraduate students are supposed to submit the Dissertation Research Proposal. This is as per the interest and guidance of the undergraduate faculty. The word count is comparatively less than the postgraduate and Ph.D. program in the case of the undergraduate Dissertation. Generally, it is 10,000 to 15,000 words. Here the independent research is the idea to be adapted from the dissertation. The learning capacity, ability to use the different sources of information, and thinking skills are the points associated with the Ph.D. Research Proposal Assistance. Let me see the steps involved in the research, the chapters to be included, and the research methodology in the NO.1 Research Proposal Writing Services.

List out the reasons for the rejection of Ph.D. Dissertation research proposal?

The following are the reasons from a general viewpoint:

  • If the content is Assessed with Plagiarism issues then it gets rejected.
  • The structure of the content is not good. If the elements like affiliations, references, main text, title, tables, figures, and list of authors are missing then the structure looks poor.
  • If the content is out of the guidelines of the journal’s author.
  • If the content is out of the scope and aim of the journal from the same subject then it gets rejected.
  • The topic which the student selected for the research is not significant in the subject.
  • The question behind the research is irrelevant.
  • The study is not complete about the observations.
  • The result of the research is not practical or flaw with the concluding points.
  • The language of the content is not up to quality.

Ph.D. Doctoral Dissertation Proposal steps

The High-Quality Research Proposal Writing Service knows that the structure is unified for the postgraduate and writing to address the issues. The simple structure of a Research Proposal for a Ph.D. is an introduction, methodology, literature review, data analysis, and conclusion. One big idea is shared with the audience through dissertation writing. If the subject of the research is vast, then the writer may do changes to the structure of the dissertation. The Ph.D.Thesis goes as 50,000 to 60,000 words. The tense used in the Research Proposal for Ph.D. depends upon the subheading. For example, the introduction part starts with the present tense and the Literature Review Part communicates with the past tense.

With the help of past writing styles and principles, the best writing with an easy way of communication is used. The question of the research should be conceptual and logical. The answer to the question must be testable. The conclusion is given at the end of the content. But towards the end of each paragraph, the justification comes as a conclusion. This increases the flow of the content. The undergraduate thesis must consist of knowledge, application, and comprehension. The postgraduate or Ph.D. thesis must have higher-order thinking skills like evaluation, analysis, and synthesis. This helps the writers to satisfy the examiner. The previous study about the thesis would interpret the main points to be followed. If the Ph.D. Researcher is doing Qualitative Research then he must use the references or case studies of 45 numbers at least. Similarly, quantitative research must use a survey of 350 respondents or similar data collection. This is to replicate the research work with emerging findings.

The conclusion part is the chapter which takes more time. This chapter reflects the sound knowledge and references of the researcher. In professional exams like Engineering, ACS, and CA the candidates are requested to write open book exams. The logic behind this examination is the application of the subject knowledge. Similarly, the logic behind the Ph.D. Dissertation is the application of the subject knowledge. If the previous references are good then it helps for the application of the subject knowledge. In higher education knowledge and application of knowledge, both are equally important to impress the examiner with the content. These valuable points would help the student to write as per the expectation of the examiner.

The research methodology used by Quality Research Proposal Writing Service

The knowledge, application of knowledge, and the gaps in the knowledge are the areas to be focused on during the research. The Research Writing Experts justify the topic, understand the problem of the research from a different perspective, follow the main goal of the research, use the quality sources for data collection, proofread the content, and satisfy the examiner with a meaningful conclusion. The security of data and research is also an essential point with the dissertation writers. As the research is for publication it should be plagiarism free and secured. The professional writers will guide the students and assure the quality of service. Students take dissertation writing seriously as they want more grades. Check the quality and security before choosing the right academic writing services. The dissertation will initially speak to the examiner and then to the reviewers about the subject. The research is the documentation of the points that you gather through faculties, books, and online resources. So, do proper planning for a better evaluation. The career planning and research subject have inter-connection with the success of the student. So, the expert team from Dissertation Writing Services would add value to your resume and help with career planning.


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