What are the different database and journal sources for identifying the literature review for my PhD Psychology?


  • Articles are typically the essential type of source for many kinds of research. PhD Dissertation Literature Review Help you to find articles on a topic is to search a database, which allows you to search for articles from hundreds of journals at once.
  • One of the most effective ways to locate the literature review is to include peer-reviewed articles, books, and dissertations.
  • Literature Review Writing Services help to find significant research as well as studies that respond to major work.

Three main types of resource information that drives you throughout the process of writing the literature review. It is essential to know about this type to know which type will be suitable for your research.

Primary source:

It includes original material on which other research is based. These studies report on research done by experts in the field of study. It has how the survey was done, what was new, and what is the conclusion. The researchers collect the primary Source Data via Qualitative, Quantitative, or mixed studies. Dissertation Literature Review Writing Service includes an original form of written works that is the study published in the scholarly articles or academic journal that has a reputation on the psychology studies.

Secondary source:

A secondary source is the things that describe the primary source—the reference material form the preliminary search is the main thing to carry out the secondary search. Secondary search article is from journals, magazines, newspapers, and other source obtained. Dissertation Literature Review offers service by including a peer-reviewed paper that is written by researchers and scholars in the field and provides creditability and validity to psychology study.

Tertiary source:

Tertiary source summarises or synthesis the Research in the secondary source. Indexes provide citations to fully identify a work with information such as author, titles of a book, article, and publication date, volume, page numbers. Abstracts summarize primary or secondary sources. Databases are online indexes that usually include abstracts for each primary or secondary source, and may also include a digital copy of the resource.


Database search process:

  • Start with a question or subject topic that you needed to carry out the research.
  • Determine which library will have information on the psychology study you search.
  • Thesis Literature Review Help you to take the primary key terms of your topic and use them as your keywords or search term.
  • Have a limitation to your search to get a specific article that you need.
  • Run the search and look at the results and choose the relevant article for your study.

Tips for searching the database:

1.Use and to combine keywords:

While searching a database for a psychology study, use main phrases to get more relevant article. In various search engine, if you type an entire sentence, you will not lead to relevant search that you need so that you need to pick the key phrase of the research or words or concepts. If you search several words without and in between, some of the article databases will assume you want only that thing where those words appear right next to each other, and in that exact order.

2.Use short forms:

The short form search will lead you to the exact thing you need. But don’t shorten the words too much it will bring you unwanted items for your research. Make the search short by including the primary key terms of the research in a particular Topic of psychology study.

3.Use the subject search:

The first step before starting the search is after deciding the subject. Literature Review Writing Help you in Searching with the specific key terms, which is usually defaulted to get more relevant search. This type of search may bring fewer search by including the subject name psychology, which will bring you more precision search.

4.Use your imagination:

This step will help you to find all possible way to express your topic on psychology study. Brainstorm the ideas with collected all possible information to get the best result. Dissertation Help Literature Review offers to get an idea to proper research.

5.Approach your research to discover innovative question:

As you begin your Research to find Information, keep searching for the bold letters in your research area. Notice the name of the people often quoted in the specific analysis. Scholars who do research on your topic and the universities with which they affiliated. Writing Services PhD Literature Review will get your approach to discover innovative question in your research.

6.When searching the books use broader terms:

The broader search term will lead to usually describe what the whole book is about. In the article databases, the subjects will explain what the article or chapter of a book. That kind of search rarely works in finding the relevant article.


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