Vital steps for proofreading your thesis (or) dissertation

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You would have made silly mistakes in your dissertation. But what you may not be aware is that it will only lead to poor grades. Before the step of submitting your thesis, it is very essential to spend some time in proofreading it. Proofreading your thesis will remove your chances of getting rejected due to silly mistakes.

There is no doubt that proofreading your dissertation is a worthy idea. Having said that, there are several methods of improving it. Writing may not be your forte. Here then, using a professional proofreader can be a useful investment. All your language mistakes, that is the main contributor to your low scores, will be taken care of by a professional editor. This piece by Ph D Assistance, a well-established academic guidance provider, will run down on the essential things you can consider to ensure that your dissertation is the best one.

Don’t be in haste

After you have completed writing, give some time to start proofreading. By doing so you would concentrate on what is actually on the page.

Go through the entire structure

Have a glance at the entire structure of your work. Check for elements including the introduction which outlines what you have done, a logical flow through the sections etc.

Read every word in your thesis meticulously

This assists in reducing errors that you cannot identify when you read a complete sentence.

Look out for punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes

You would have written in a hurry and hence would make punctuation errors. Check for each and very punctuation and ascertain that you haven’t missed any. Moreover, it’s always better to check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes by yourself rather than using only the spell checker.

Check for plagiarism

Whenever you are using any reference ensure that you are giving the due acknowledgment. If you don’t do so, then you would end up in low grades.

Read out loud

Reading out loud lets you cognize the mistakes you can’t see. By doing so you put yourself in a situation wherein you become thoroughly aware of the flow of your dissertation. Sometimes you would have used the same words again and again; by reading out aloud you would find this.

Mark with a red pen

Make it a habit to mark your mistakes in red so that it is not ignored.

Try another format

You would have mostly typed your dissertation in a laptop or PC. Now you can try a different way of reading; you can ask some other person to read it out for you. This is something like seeing it in a new perspective.

Maintain Consistency

Sometimes you would be using capital letters. Ensure that you use them in a consistent manner. This is just an example. Another example is whether you are using British or American English.

Referencing system

Ensure that you are aware of which referencing system you are supposed to use. The referencing system varies from institution to institution and so it is better to check whether you are applying the correct one.

Get professional help

It’s always better to have an unbiased view of your dissertation. PhD Assistance will see the spelling mistakes and errors that you have missed. You can use our reputable dissertation/thesis editing service since we know that writing a dissertation is no simple task. Moreover, if you look at your writing part in surprise and frown that it has not come up to your expectations, then don’t worry. Ph. D Assistance is there to help you. Our reliable editors can do the editing work for you with great panache. Your grades will sour up for sure if you use our editing services.

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