Top tips for Research Manuscript Submission for a Journal

Your research project is at the verge of conclusion and you are excited to tell everyone about it. As a student, writing a manuscript can be an intimidating task.

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Here let’s see some top tips for manuscript submission:

Consider your reader
Contemplate on the readers and how you yourself would go through research articles. You should be aware that the editor and reviewers will read the complete manuscript in a careful manner. However, after publication people will only have a quick glance at it.

Have a clear idea of your message
You would have arrived at some conclusions. Elucidate them as clearly as you can.

Maintain simplicity
Don’t underestimate the importance of simplicity in writing a research manuscript. For example, give importance to active voice.

Follow the appropriate reporting guidelines
There is some research reporting guidelines that you should follow in your manuscript. Perform this since it will give your research a complete look.

Decide on how to showcase your results
Your results section should be directed towards a specific aim and also written in a logical order.

Give careful consideration to figures
Certain people go straight to the figures while going through manuscripts. So take time to ascertain that they are clear and not clumsy.

You would have performed in-depth and excellent research but it will be spoilt if your writing is not up to the mark. You can ask someone to read the research manuscript aloud and let you know whether your articulation is correct.

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