Top Countries with snowballing PhDs/doctoral holders across the Globe

PhD Holders accross the globe

The Research of today is the technology of tomorrow Edward Teller

Education is recognized as human capital and many economic research studies conducted in developed countries reveal that development in the education has contributed significantly to the economic growth of the many countries.

No wonder, the whole world has registered a considerable increase in the doctoral graduates in the last 2 decades.

This article provides an insight into the top countries around the world that produces high numbers of doctoral holders based on OECD 2014 report.

phd students based on OECD


As per the report, United States wins hands down with 67,449 Ph.D. scholars in 2014, which is at least twice more than the number of doctoral graduates produced by Germany, its nearest rival in 2014.

The study reported 28,147 research scholars from Germany graduated in 2014, which was followed by the United Kingdom with 25,020 doctoral holders.  India grabbed the fourth position with 24,300 research scholars, while Japan had 16,039 Ph.D. graduates to take the fifth position.  

OECD report ranked France and South Korea in sixth and seventh place with 13,729 and 12,931 Ph.D. graduates respectively.

Spain with 10, 889 research scholars beat Italy for the eighth place, which had 10,679 Ph.D. graduates. Australia took the tenth place with 8400 graduates followed by Canada with 7,059 doctoral holders.

Global trends in popular scientific fields for doctoral research

OECD report also throws light on the various scientific fields that are more popular among global doctoral holders. As per the report, around 58% of the new doctoral holders belonging to the OECD region carried out their Ph.D. research in disciplines like science, technology, Engineering, health, and mathematics.

Based on the prevailing global higher education scenario, there is an ever-increasing preference for undertaking doctoral research in following disciplines among global doctoral aspirants.

PhDs in Technology Studies

Ph.D. in science technology studies  has gained exponential growth due to rapid advancements in digitalization, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and other newer scientific technologies.

Ph.D. in Business Studies

Ever Increasing globalization and stiff competition in the business field have encouraged more and more students around the globe to choose Ph.D. for business management specialization to accomplish continuous business growth.

Doctorate in Development studies

Numerous Students undertake Ph.D. in development studies to understand and investigate the problems of poverty, social inequalities, cultural differences and other important societal developmental issues relating to regional, national and global realms.

Ph.D. in Economic Studies

Doctorate in Economic studies is another important discipline preferred by many global students pursuing advanced study in economics to conduct their original research and make scholarly contribution in the highly lucrative economic studies specialization

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