Development Studies

The program deals with a variety of academic and experimental background of developmental studies. It is a dynamic sector concerned with processes of change in social, economic, political and cultural and foremost policy challenges. This program helps to give route pathway/efforts to overcome poverty and insecurity. Further, the program provides strong interdisciplinary social science development in this theory and practice. The master program stresses on understanding various developmental studies topics include neoliberalism, state failure, industrialization, NGO, C civil society, globalization and social movement, commodity chain, etc. After completing the exam, an applicant can apply for the Ph.D. In Developmental Studies engages any individual to Outlook social changes which are transforming global society.

The following Table.1 list out the core and elective course include



  • Political economy of development
  • Theory, policy and practice of development
  • Dissertation in Development Studies
  • Human Rights in The Developing World
  • Contemporary issues in development
  • Human development in a globalized world
  • Research methods for development

  • Water and development
  • Understanding economic migration
  • The working poor and development
  • Security
  • Problems of advance in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Neoliberalism, Democracy and Global Development
  • Natural resources
  • Migration and Policy
  • Marxist Political Economy and Global Development
  • Issues in forced migration
  • Global Health and Development
  • Global commodity chains and production networks
  • Gender and development
  • Fundamentals of research methods for Development Studies
  • Famine and food security
  • Extractive Industries, Energy, Biofuels and Development (climate change)
  • Environment, Governance, and Development
  • Development practice
  • Civil society, social movements and the development process
  • Aid and development
  • Borders and Development
  • Agrarian Development, Food Policy, and Rural Poverty

Ph.D. in developmental studies Research areas include:

  • Comparative research
  • Forbidden Lakes and Conservation
  • Interdisciplinary research in Development Studies
  • Mixed methods
  • Participatory and action-based research
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Regression analysis
  • Research design
  • Research paradigms and strategies of inquiry
  • Survey design

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