How to select the right topic for your PhD in Computer Science?

PhD in computer science is a terminal degree in computer science along with the doctorate in Computer Science, although it is not considered an equivalent degree. Computer science deals with algorithms and data and the computation of them via hardware and software, the principles and constraints involved in the implementation.

Choosing a topic for research in computer science can be tricky. The field is as vast as its parent field, mathematics. Taking into account certain factors before choosing a topic will be helpful:

it is preferable to choose a topic which is currently being studied by other fellow researchers, this will help to establish bonds and sharing secondary data.

Finding a topic that will add value to the field and result in the betterment of existing processes will cement your legacy within the field and will also be helpful in getting funds.

Always choose a topic that you are passionate about. Your interest in the topic will help in the long run; PhD research is a long, exhausting process and computational researches will dry you out.

If you have an area of interest, read about the existing developments, processes, researches. Reading as much literature as possible will help you identify certain or several research gaps. You can consult with your mentor and choose a particular gap that would be feasible for your research.

An extension of the previous method of spotting a research gap is to build on references for future research given in existing dissertations by former researchers. You can be critical of existing limitations and study it.

Besides, there are plenty of enigmatic areas in computer science. The unsolved questions within computer science plenty which you can study and find a solution to build on the existing body of knowledge.

Major titles with unsolved questions for research in Computer Science


topic for your PhD in Computer Science


Computational complexity

The process of arranging computational process according to complexity based on algorithm has had various problems that are unsolved. This includes the Classic P versus the NP, the relationship between NQP and P, NP not known to be P or NP-complete, unique games conjecture, separations between other complexity cases, etc.


Polynomial versus non-polynomial time for specific algorithmic problems

A continuation in computational complexity is the complex case of NP- intermediate which contains within numerous unsolved problems related to algebra and number theory, Boolean logic, computational geometry, and computational topology, game theory, graph algorithm, etc.


Algorithmic problems

Scores of questions within the existing algorithm in computer science can be improved with new processes.


Natural Language Processing algorithms

Natural language processing is an important field within computer science with the onset of deep learning and Artificial and Intelligence. Plenty of researches are being carried in the field to find faster and perfect ways to syllabify, stem, and POS tag algorithms specifically for the English language.


Programming language theory

The case for scope of research about programming language within computer science is evergreen. There are always ways to design, implement, analyze, characterize, and classify programming languages and to develop newer languages.


In summary, it is important to keep in mind the following to choose an apt topic for your PhD research in Computer Science:

Your passion for an area of research

Appositeness of the topic

Feasibility of the research with respect to the availability of the resource

Providing a solution to a practical problem.


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