Developing Your Own Research Idea, Identifying Your Research Area & Topic Selection – Interactive improvement in Lectures using real time feedback – PhD Journey during beginning of your Business and management research.

In Brief

  • You will find the best dissertation research areas research proposal for future researchers enrolled in Business & Management.
  • In order to identify the future research topics, we have reviewed the Business & Management literature (recent peer-reviewed studies).
  • Getting feedback on the lectures is difficult since many students may not want to talk openly regarding this.
  • Real time feedback is considered as appropriate since it can be given by any student anonymously and can be collected through mobile applications.
  • The feedback can also be collected for each individual lecture, which the teacher can analyze and make improvements whenever necessary.


Classroom training is a necessary part of the curriculum in schools and colleges. The subjects and courses must be engaging to the students in order to get good grades and also make use of the opportunity to learn. Most of the students shy away from asking doubts even if it is genuine and this may arise from fear or anxiety (Mohamed Shuhidan, 2012). Very few students get their doubts cleared if any. Hence, it is difficult for the teachers and the management to determine if the lecture is a success and whether the students have learnt from the class. Failure to learn is the reason for failure of the students in the subject, which might lead to a high withdrawal rate of the courses  (Horton & Craig, 2015). Real time feedback is a concept which can obtain feedback from the students in real time by using mobile applications or web applications. Beginners are highly susceptible to difficulty understanding the new concepts and thereby likely to lose learning motivation (Yukselturk & Altiok

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There are very few studies, that have investigated the real-time concept feedback (Ott, Robins, & Shephard, 2016) to improve participation, engagement and attendance. It is necessary to identify the problems faced by the students in order to solve the issue and improve their understanding. Hence, there is a huge scope of research in this domain. Since immediate feedback is more effective, this type of feedback can be utilised by schools and universities. Since smartphones and laptops are accessible by everyone, effective class participation can be performed by implementing a real-time feedback to the lecturer by installing the framework in the smart phones and laptops of the students.

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The system can use an interactive framework for collecting the data from the students in real time and updating it to the teacher. Questionnaires can be added in these applications and the data can be gathered along with analysis and sent to the teacher. The obtained data can be analysed in real time or after the class. This will help the teacher to understand about the previous lesson and how well the students have understood. Quantitative data for multiple variables and factors can be used for the analysis. Real time analytics will be shown to the teachers with various data like strength, involvement of students, etc. This will ensure that other students are not disturbed while giving their feedback. The lecturer will be able to view the individual feedbacks immediately and can address them. The teacher can get the data for each factor and for other factors as well. The application can have a teacher version and management version too, where the teacher version will be able to access the data for the specific lecture and all other previous lectures taken by the teacher. The analysis can show whether the review is improving or getting worse. The management can access the feedback of all the teachers and classes and can be used for evaluating the individual teachers.

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Future Scope

The feedback on the lectures can be collected from the students for every lecture and make improvements whenever necessary.
• Due to its success and since everyone now have a smartphone with them, this must be implemented in universities.
• This can considerably improve the teaching formats and also evaluate the performance of the teachers

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