Choosing appropriate research methodologies for writing better research papers

  The research methodology you choose dominates

your research


Choosing appropriate research methodologies for writing better research papers

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The most challenging question that researchers often face is “what type of research method do I need?” or Help me with phd research methodology chapter writing because research methodologies that you choose can make or break a research project.

Guess the result in the beginning

What are you looking for in the end? Are you just going to collect and compare data or to find a solution for a problem? If you can guess the result of research in the beginning, you can narrow your available methodologies right from the start. According to the result you wish to obtain, you may choose either qualitative or quantitative or both methodologies.

My methodology is not knowing what I’m doing and making that work for me.

Stone Gossard”

Qualitative research: Focusing on non-numerical data

Qualitative research is carried out when you wish to monitor and understand ideas, behaviors, beliefs, perceptions, values, phenomena, manifestations, occurrences, facts, events, life experiences and feelings. You may choose this approach if you research on any subject, but it is more efficient on specific subjects such as marketing, sociology, anthropology and psychology.

Quantitative research: Focusing on numerical data

This type of research methods highlights objective measurements and the numerical analysis of data collected through interviews, polls, questionnaires and surveys. Choose this approach if you wish to collect statistical data on any subject.

Applying both quantitative and qualitative research methods together

It is a standard methodology which supports you to find the results with both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Applying data collected from both methods can improve an evaluation by ensuring that the collected data of both methods are equally essential. To show data of both methods, you may create a type of table in your research project.

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Getting phd dissertation methodology writing help

  1. What is your research methodology: Quantitative or qualitative or a mixture of both?
  2. What are the benefits or problems of your research methodology?
  3. What do you think your methods enable you to discover or invent?
  4. What might they prevent you from collecting data?
  5. What sort of problems do you foresee in setting up these research methods?
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