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Are you a PhD Scholar researching in the Economics and Finance domain?

Do you think you need world class assistance in drafting your Statistical Dissertation?

Are statistical analysis and consulting in the economics and finance domain the things that you are very much seeking?

Statistical Consulting for PhD Scholars

Then PhD Assistance is the place you desperately need as it is the abode for dissertation statistics consulting for PhD students. PhD Assistance houses eminent and experienced PhD experts in the Economics and Finance domain who can provide PhD statistician consulting, PhD Statistical analysis help effectively.

PhD experts at PhD Assistance are well versed in the latest technological developments in the Economics and Finance domain. They use the knowledge and expertise of working with scores of PhD scholars to provide excellent Dissertation consulting for PhD Students who reach out to us.

Following are matters in which the service umbrella of PhD Assistance in the Economics and Finance domain is spread across.

Expertise in technological advancements

The Econometricians and Statisticians at PhD Assistance have rich domain knowledge and have been exposed to the in and outs of the domain for quite a long time. This makes them clearly understand the dynamics of the domain through the years. These experts have witnessed the evolution of the statistical packages like EViews and Stata from its traditional stages (two decades ago) and to its latest stages of what it is today. So they understand the importance and intricacies of these statistical software packages that are used for data research and econometric analysis.


PhD Assistance has the knowledge resources and experts who can guide the PhD research scholars in complex concepts of Econometrics and Statistics like those mentioned below

  • Panel data or longitudinal data which involves measurement of multi dimensional data
  • Time series sequences
  • Heteroskedasticity which involves variability of a variable and its inequality across a range of value
  • OLS or Ordinary Least Squares Regression
  • Quantile Regression that involves estimating conditional median or quantities of the response variable


Similarly in the finance domain, experts at PhD Assistance impart knowledge and provide dissertation statistics help to the research scholars. The PhD experts extend their insights and knowledge in some intricate concepts like Black-Scholes pricing model, Linear programming and finding simulation based inferences in econometric calculations.

These are the areas in which PhD Assistance and its associated PhD experts extend their consulting and analysis in the Economics and Finance domain. This is how PhD experts at PhD Assistance combine their knowledge over the years and experience in mentoring economic research scholars at PhD Assistance to create a prolific community of PhD Research Scholars.

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