Best practices in writing research dissertation on health economics


  • The dissertation is the long piece of academic writing based on the research; the structure of the essay depends on your field.
  • It is difficult to search for the relevant literature for the PhD dissertation. Dissertation mentoring service helps you to identify a broad topic for your research and assist you throughout the Dissertation Writing.
  • The dissertation allows students to present their findings in response to the Research It is to check the research skill acquired during the project time.

Choose a topic for your research:

The PhD dissertation is an integral part of research when you start thinking about and preparing a thesis topic. If, don’t have an idea of where to start, looking for possible issues—masters in health economics and management with a specialization in decision making in healthcare. Experts in Full PhD dissertation Mentoring services help you choose the best topic for dissertation that is broad to find a gap in research.


It is the summary of the whole research work in a concise form. The abstract should describe the paper and not evaluate the research. It should explain the problem or issue in a specific area, followed by a description of the Research Method, design, significant findings. Many scientific papers natural science, economic health, the research paper contain a significant subsection like Introduction, literature review, methods, results and discussion. So, people find it is easy to read an overview and choose the research paper to read the rest of the content in the article. The abstract is important because it provides highlights of the paper.


The Introduction to the dissertation starts with what you do in the research, the main aim of the study. Mention the result of the research you get that is novel. The reader will be motivated to read the rest of the paper if you attract them with a novel idea. The readers are the target audience of your research, they have far better articles are study appears to read, but they are here to attract them by your arguments and findings. At first, explain your contribution so that people can understand your research. Don’t just state the result in the Introduction; provide the fact behind the result. Full PhD Thesis Writing service guides the introduction writing that includes the question you are trying to address because to explain to the readers what we focus. Why should we need an economic view? But need a good overview of the subject and the research questions and their previous arguments.

Literature Review:

After you’ve explained your research question, then you can write a brief literature review. Make it a separate section. The literature review should contain a central research question. Create a good research question that is not too broad or too narrow to conduct research. Collect a database based on the central question and organize according to the information. It is needed to provide relevant analysis to on the other literature before writing one. Start writing by organizing the keywords used to define the research. The research question must be inside the research topic you choose.

PhD Dissertation analyses organize your literature review based on argument and structure that needs to understand the research. They help you in finding the trends and patter of the research paper to make the individual approach of knowing the study is popular or not. Check for the disagreement in the research paper so that it is easy to find the research gap in these papers. The literature review should consist of an introduction, main body and conclusion—the content based on the objective of your literature review.

Points to cover:

  • The section should discuss previous research that is directly relevant to your paper. The methods you are using, analyses a similar model, use the same dataset.
  • PhD dissertation Services relates the research topic with the previous research paper that has an economic review. So, your literature review consists of articles mostly from economics journals that will help to carry out the research writing part.
  • The section should explain your contribution in depth. It is necessary to discuss how your research is different from others.

Data section:

The should describe the name and source of the data you are using in the research and time taken for the research work to complete. Describe whether you have a plan for the research work you engaged with, and it is necessary to mention it to explain to the people that you have a proper idea to carry out the research. The most important part is to discuss the limitations of the study to make readers aware of the area of the subject your research conducted. Full PhD Dissertation writing Help provides you with the data that helps your research to create an easy understanding.

Results :

One of the common mistakes made new researchers in economic papers is to forget that their results need to be in a clear format.

Discussing results:

The discussion part should include real-world policy implications. The own research may fit the research gap. In the discussion, avoid making value judgements or the Introduction of new theories. PhD Doctorate Dissertation Help assists you in all the possible interpretation of the research that is helpful for readers to find the research gap.


Thus, conclusions should be short and do not state the research findings. You can include a short paragraph, suggesting implications that are beyond in the dissertation.  After writing the conclusion, rewrite the Introduction with a brief overview of the results and conclusion.

The final thing you should do in a Dissertation is to Proofread your Writing. Even after spell checking the paper with your word processor, you should take the time to read it one last time. Fix typographical errors, improve wording, and make sure the numbers make sense, and spell-check.




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