Artificial Intelligence and Hot Topics in AI

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the interesting concepts for a long time. Yes, the idea of forming machines that think like humans has been doing the rounds since the 1950s. But now we are hearing more about AI. Artificial Intelligence research on these topics is hot at moment.

Natural Language Processing

How can Natural Language Processing be useful?

  • The greatest problem with email system is the increasing number of unwanted emails. Sometimes even important mails get trapped in the spam. Bayesian spam filtering, which deals with the probability of a message being spam based, has gained much attention nowadays. This would be a topic of interest to the PhD student.
  • There is a great challenge in the form of making the world’s information obtainable to everyone. You have to not just translate words with machine translation but also maintain the essence of sentences.
  • Search engines are a great source of information for us. However, several users still struggle in getting the answers that they need. The importance of NLP in identifying natural language questions and providing the suitable answer will be a thing of concern.

Cloud Computing

The PhD student, who is in touch with technology, would be aware of this aspect. Well, you don’t need your computer’s hard drive here. Cloud is dependent on the internet where there is central remote server. There are three ways of deploying cloud resources and it includes public, private, and hybrid cloud. Economic in nature and performance are the main essence of these three clouds. However, the hybrid cloud is distinguished in its control aspect. Now the PhD enthusiast would be wondering in what way the cloud technology can assists AI. It gives the necessary details for the learning processes. AI can assist cloud by giving information that can provide more data. With AI’s capability to organize the great potential of the cloud, the PhD enthusiast would have interesting aspects to explore.


Applications of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has several applications including business, healthcare, banking education etc. 

Data Mining

Well, usable data is an important element and you have to extract it from a huge set of raw data. This is what data mining does.

Applications of data mining

Data mining is widely applied in the following areas:

Internet of Things

Then there is the Internet of Things, which is nothing but devices communicating with each other. The PhD student would be interested to know that as per the findings of the analyst firm Gartner, by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices. As per experts, the Internet that we will see in the future will be different from the Internet that we are aware of today.

Applications of IoT

  • Smart Home
  • Connected Car
  • Wearables
  • IoT in agriculture
  • Smart cities
  • IoT in healthcare etc.

Research shows that Artificial Intelligence will have the ability to perform several jobs. Let’s hope for a better future with AI. It can be considered as a new approach to every issue.

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