Differences Between PhD in Management and DBA, and Their Scope.

PhD in management and Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) are doctoral degrees associated with the field of management. Both degrees are equivalent in their value and share similar status in the business community.

The difference between the two is an account of the intention one has and a few other characteristics. Most PhD holders want a career in academia and do further research in the science of management. DBA holders often want to put into practice the theories that are being developed. In some cases, the difference is simply superficial as in the case of certain universities whose business schools are simply not authorized to offer PhDs in management. Case in point, Harvard Business School.

The ones pursuing a career in academia are usually fresh graduates that join a research program straight after their masters. On the other hand, Doctorates in Business Administration are mostly already successful men of business that pursue a research question that they may have happened to encounter upon chance or from practical constraints in their practice. They want to distinguish themselves from other Masters in Business Administration and the pursuit of their research adds value to their firm and to themselves.

Phd in management and Doctorate of Business Administration

PhD in management focuses on the development of business management as a science and its relationship to society and its evolution around it. DBA focuses mainly on the practicality of up and coming business models and theories.

PhD research is academic research concerned with developing and pioneering new theories for the business world concerned with management and related areas of specialization using the fundamentals of research. DBA researchers are involved in the formulation of solutions to practical problems and constraints concerned with real world practices.

Since PhD has been around for centuries now, people recognize PhD more than they do DBA. DBA is a relatively newer title and as such it isn’t familiar among the masses.

In short, though both PhD in management and DBA are equivalent and interrelated in certain aspects like concerned field of study. A PhD is often involved in developing new theories for the science of business management while a DBA is about the application and relevance of these theories in practice.

Scope of PhD/ DBA:

Both PhD and DBA require a minimum of 3 years for completion. Once one has gained the title ‘doctor’ after the success of their scholar research, they have opened a world of opportunity in the business world. But the nature of it is usually dependent on the nature of their research. Some top companies watch out for these scholars in top universities and recruit them on the successful completion of their research. Although it is a case that most PhD holders in management look to pursue a career in academia itself and have the necessary qualification to be full time professors upon gaining the doctorate title; they continue to be involved in researches and guide new PhD students. They may be called upon by top corporates as special executives to facilitate faster processing. In case of DBA holders, they are more often involved in a business while pursuing the title. Hence, they improve their job profile, position, and salary on completion of the doctorate. Usually, a degree in management provides knowledge in the field of business from retail to corporal sector. A doctorate in the field puts one on a sure path to be an expert in organizing, planning, forecasting, researching the nature of business models and market forces.

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