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The US & UK writers at PhD Assistance aim to impart knowledge
in students and build their confidence to submit their
engineering and information technology related
research paper successfully.

Computer Science & Information Technology (Thesis), Assignments, Manuscript Writing & Editing Services

Our expert, professional, technical writers have the highest qualification from the UK. Their decades of experience in writing and editing is vital in shaping the career of
engineering and technology students.

We use subject-specific language,
exemplary presentation that

Clear, original, creative, logical and innovative
– We exhibit developments in the state of the art,
literature survey, new or advanced
techniques, possesses elements of
theory and experiment.

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Computer Science & Information Technology Writing from qualified Expert

Computer Science engineering aspires to broaden its knowledge in cutting edge computing areas through advanced mandatory and optional modules. Both hardware and software elements of computing systems and other related topics are included in the master’s degree course of computer engineering. Students are required to complete manuscript preparation, dissertation/thesis and assignment writing to achieve higher credit score. Dissertation and assignment writing must bring 80% in PhD and 60% in master’s degree. PhD and master’s degree students from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc. have difficulty in completing assignment and dissertation writing successfully. Professional help from expert writers with years of experience is essential in such cases of computer science and engineering writing works. Such expert help guarantees high score and grade. Literature, assignment and manuscript writing are important to score 90% in PhD and 60% in master’s degree. We extend assistance in undergraduate study, post-graduate study and PhD program for manuscript writing, editing and proof reading, analysis of computer science dissertation and thesis.

Industry Expert & Technical Writers at Ph.D. Assistance assures you the quality

PhD Assistance provides complete research and development assistance for scholars especially in the UK and Europe. PhD Assistance has rich experience in research and development in engineering and other academic disciplines to offer valid help to students.

Our writing standards are exemplary showing creativity and
innovation and ensure link between theory and practice

Digital signal processing, converged networks and services, fundamentals of computer science, advanced embedded system design, artificial neural networks, constraint satisfaction
for decision making, introduction to human computer interaction, operating systems and networks, professional practice and research methodology, intelligent data analysis,
introduction to neural computation, machine learning, mobile communication, programming embedded system.

Your Computer Science and Information
Technology -Academic writing

Get the perfect and flawless computer science and information technology samples of writing from our subject-matter experts.

Quality Assurance

We promise to achieve High Quality at every stage- Check of Quality Assurance & Enhancement Activities report.

Plagiarism Report

We are dedicated to deliver your document after checking the document with Write Check or Turnitin or such advanced plagiarism detection tools.

Customer Interaction

We work in real-time and interact with our customers at every stage for modifications and for resolving queries related to their project and to ensure order delivery.

Why Ph.D. Assistance for Computer Science & Information Technology writing and editing services?

The US & UK writers at PhD Assistance aim to impart knowledge in students and build their confidence to submit their dissertation successfully – We deliver the document in
MS Word or LaTex thesis template.

Computer Science & IT Dissertation Writing Service features that helps to get the grade

We offer our help in a wide range of research. We provide answers to all the questions you have in your mind. We make you strong in your dissertation. The entire process includes data collection, statistical analysis and presentation of the dissertation in a format that is prescribed by the respective institute. The final process in the dissertation writing is to put the document to review and proofreading to ensure the quality of work.

Requirement & Analysis

A chapter in computer science and engineering dissertation includes analytical works, computer simulation and experimental works. We offer our expert help in describing the method used in your dissertation. Methods may include application advanced mathematics and formulation or computer simulation by the use of softwares such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis.

Your Choice of Design & Implementation Testing

We offer our expert help to write the experimental work that describes how the results are achieved. It also includes the approach, facilities, validations, range of measurements, computer simulation and substantial details on the proposed theory or a descriptive analytical model. We provide justification for the chosen approach. Diagram techniques are also added (e.g. UML and other drawings). Novel aspects to algorithm will be illustrated. Analysis chapter presents the scheme followed and the models used (machine based, category partition). Both acceptance and functional tests are used. Experimental projects will witness the evaluation of their results against live data set. In theoretical projects the theories used will be evaluated.

Tools & Technology Capabilities

We use a variety of tools and technologies such as Cloud SIM, WINPCAP, QUALNET, JCAP, Open STACK, Peer SIM, COBBER, Crowbar, Simu Link, WEKA, OpenQRM, BCFG2, SpaceWalk, CFENGINE, CHEF, Ganglia, PUPPET, Nagios, GATE, Zenoss, Automatelt, Knime Text Processing, LPU, Capistrano, Orange Text, Rundeck, Appneta, Rapidminer, Text extension and Rapid Analytics, PSPP, Apache Mahout, JHEP work, Rattle, Appdynamics, Aternity, BMC Truesight Pulse, CA Unified Infrastructure Management, Compuware Gomez, Logic Monitor, Zenoss Cloud Monitoring, Uptime Cloud Monitor, Manageengine, Zyrion Tranverse, Monitis, G-Eclipse, Rackspace cloud monitoring, Globus Toollit, Splunkstrom, Gridport, GridSIM, NAG High performance computing Libraries, NET solve/Gridsolve, Oracle Grid Engine, NETSIM and the like.

Computer Science & Information Technology - Writing & Editing Features

We aid you in submitting a plan of the dissertation (proposed structure/main argument), progress and a sample of
writing to your supervisor in adherence to the style of reference- Draft exhibits
imagination, creativity, critical insights and analytical rigor.

Sources, Citation and Presentation

We extend our quality help in identifying a range of primary and secondary resources in accordance with the Computer Science Style Guide (e.g. IEEE Referencing Style Guide). Other styles of reference include the Harvard Scheme, Vancouver Referencing Style Guide, Patrias K, Citing Medicine: the NLM Style guide, EndNote Guide etc. Our formatting and referencing team is well-versed in citations that include books, reported cases (Australia/UK), published and unpublished papers, government and private publications, discussion papers/ reports, press releases, citing newspaper/magazines, world wide web www site. The range of databases we use includes PubMed, Medline (Ovid Medline), Scopus, TRIP, SPORTDiscus, NLM gateway, Embase, Biosis, JSTOR, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Informit Health, Academic Search complete, SciFinder, Dentistry and oral science, Psychinfo, CINAHL (midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy).

Technical Style & Argument

We follow diverse styles rules that include quotations- short and long quotes, edited quotes, ellipsis, errors or discriminary terms in quoted passages, abbreviations, interpolations, dates, times, numbers, fractions and decimals and footnotes. We write your dissertation in an argumentative manner maintaining the logical and coherent construction. The dissertation will be further substantiated by appropriate primary and secondary sources. Our professional writers specialized in computer science and information technology are capable of writing your dissertation in a clear, concise and complete. We also distinguish between original data and ideas taken from other scholars. The dissertation in Computer Science and Information Technology has the following structure: Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Literature Review, Chapter 3: Requirement & Analysis, Chapter 4: Design, Chapter 5: Implementation & testing, Chapter 6: Results and discussion, Chapter 7: Conclusion. We follow EASE guidelines. We guarantee that our dissertation writing is plagiarism-free. We run the written document in different plagiarism detection software for ensuring the uniqueness.

Free while you order dissertation

We help to develop questionniare or interview guide at free of costs while you order for dissertation. We also provide,

  • Appendices
  • Abstract
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Table of Content
  • Lists of Charts, graphs, Illustrations
  • Formatting
  • Frequently asked questions (questions that may arise while writing the dissertation)
  • Personal statement for your research proposal
  • Bibilography (a brief annotation on key primary text)

Client Testimony


1. Why should I Choose Ph.D. Assistance for Computer Science and Information technology services?
Our native academic computer science and Information technology writers are skillful and experience in different subject’s fields especially in this subject it ensured to understand your project well and delivered on time. With over 400+ academic writers endeavor to submit your PhD document that meets the terminology of the academic area but also it has the native linguistic command over technical terms. Thereby, it boosts opportunities to achieve high credits in your thesis and increasing the chances of acceptance by high impact factor journal.
Our computer science and information technology writing services uniqueness includes:
  • An original, fresh and 100% plagiarism free content.
  • Flawless, ideal and sound information technology and computer science research paper that meets recommended formatting rules.
  • Perfect and an appropriate information discovers the groundbreaking conceptualization.
  • On-Time delivery with no compromise on Quality.
2. What kind of services do you offer?
We offer an extensive variety of the following outstanding academic computer science and information technology supports for masters and PhD including
For Masters and PhD: Abstracts writing, journal articles and manuscripts, literature reviews, research proposal, research methodology, textual/data analysis, statistical analysis, findings, results, and conclusions, referencing, and more.
In addition, tailor-made assignment, essay and manuscript support, conference paper and textbook writing, coding and algorithm, programming, software and tool development, illustration, manuscript statistics and PhD research plan as well as editing services. We deliver a professional academic assistance to complete any research work and writing you may require.
If you need any other research writing support, please select “other” on our pricing order form and clearly outline what is required. We will call back you immediately, or you can contact UK +44-1143520021. Visit our contact page to see other countries contact information, so we will do our best to help you.
3. What are the topics covered in Computer Science and Information Technology dissertation?
We cover the wide range of Computer Science and Information Technology dissertation topics such as software programming and algorithm, hard work and network, information system, Data security, cyber-security, Data management system, data-driven robotic sampling, social networking, Virtual-reality system, wireless multimedia networks, cross-layer architecture for wireless networks, WiMAX( Next generation wireless system) wireless sensor networks, computer-based software engineering, software metrics , measurement and testing, software process and management and much more.
4. If I am not satisfied with your Computer Science and Information technology writing, how do you address the issues?
At Ph.D. Assistance, our first motto offers 100% customer satisfaction, so it is a very rare event. However, we provide the guarantee of the unlimited revisions*, so you need not worry about it.
5. What If I need some customization in the computer science and Information technology dissertation?
Of course, we ready to help our clients. Our information technology and computer science service are completely flexible, and tailor made to the customer. Hence, if you can provide the areas of customization related to research area initially proposed, we could make amendments to the document.
6. Can you show me sample work of academic Computer Science and Information technology?
Yes, we have an uploaded some of the academic writing works samples. For more details, let talks with our academic writers.

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