How to write a PhD research proposal on Business Management ?

For a PhD management student venturing into finalizing their topic for research, the first step before beginning their research will be to convince the approval committee of their project. The document that assists this process is the research proposal. Writing a research proposal could be facile when approached systematically.

The research proposal is not mandatory in some cases; nevertheless, writing one satisfies other purposes than getting approval for the project. Hence, it is essential to understand what a research proposal is, what it contains.

The document is approximately 3000-4000 words long, depending on the university requirements, designed to give an outline of the research proposed, along with the limitations and constraints it may face, the cost it would require, the time it would take, the objectives and the expected impact the results would have on the field.

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Evaluating the ideas

The whole idea behind awarding the doctoral title for a research and the researcher is the contribution of new concepts, ideas, and knowledge via their study. Hence, it is imperative that the research is original and this is a pre-requisite for any committee whose approval stands between the idea and the commencement of the project. The research proposal, thus, is a tool to evaluate the originality of the research. It puts forth a sound enunciation of the quality of the ideas behind the research and an evaluation of the researcher’s proficiency in their selected domain. Researches in management science deal with one of the two things, development of new theories or finding a solution for an existing problem in practice. Thus, the faculty of the researcher to identify and effectively deal a solution to a problem forms the crux of the bid.


How to write a research proposal:

How to write a PhD research proposal on Business Management

Title Page:

Provide a working title of your research in concern. Though this title may not be the final one, it will express your research ideas in a transparent manner.


In this section give a concise notion regarding the domain of study by outlining the scope that you are covering in the research.

Research problem: 

Discuss problems that you want to study and dedicate a few lines for explaining the significance of doing so.

Literature Review:

The proposal should lay down your awareness of the essential literatures in your topic. The arguments that you are going to support should also be outlined in the proposal. Notwithstanding, identifying the present gaps is very important. While you are going through important literature in your subject, you must precisely demonstrate in what way they are pertinent to your area of study. You should have fine grasp that a PhD is an original contribution and there should be clear explanation that your proposed area is not a topic of study earlier.

Important research questions:

Following the literature review, you would have identified a research problem. From this, you will be in a better position to pose a research question. It is good if you pose at least 3 research questions.


This element talks about the way you are going to perform the research while also providing the reason why a particular is chosen; the merits and demerits, if any, of the methods together form the methodology. Sketch an outline of the limitations you may encounter during the research.


Here you delineate the time frame of your research. This section informs of the time scheduled for each task in the process.


It is very essential to provide all the references when you complete your proposal. Moreover, formatting the document is very important; ensure that it is consistent with the recommended style of your university.

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Keep in mind that the research proposal is not carved in stone. It is a provisional document and will undergo vast changes in the ongoing PhD course. At the same time, it is a pivotal document that helps the committee to understand your interest towards the research. So don’t consider it trivial and ensure to make it as appealing as possible.

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