Developing Your Own Research Idea, Identifying Your Research Area & Topic Selection – Challenges faced by the researchers pursuing their PhD in the UK Universities – PhD Journey during beginning of your research. A Case of Overenthusiastic Researcher.


In Brief

  • You will find the best dissertation research areas / topics for future researchers enrolled in Engineering and technology
  • In order to identify the future research topics, we have reviewed the Engineering literature (recent peer-reviewed studies).
  • The selection of the right topic for study is often an awful job, especially for doctoral students.
  • A comprehensive literature review helps authors to recognize and develop new approaches to resolve existing research holes.
  • Doing a Doctoral Degree is unbelievably dreadful. Usually for at least three years, certainly challenges are faced

The selection of the right topic for study is often an awful job, especially for doctoral students. The development of a good research question, however, has a positive impact on the careers of students in research. During this initial stage, thesis advisors offer assistance. For subsequent studies, PhD students are expected to choose their own research topic. [1]It becomes necessary to balance excitement with societal needs while working through several interesting research topics. In addition, funding agencies fund compelling proposals for research based on meaningful and highly relevant issues. Therefore, selecting a good research subject will increase the chances of academic success.

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A comprehensive literature review helps authors to recognize and develop new approaches to resolve existing research holes. When the study void has been established, a significant research question needs to be selected. A well-chosen topic of research can lead to an attractive proposal for study. Actually, by concluding a good research proposal, PhD researchers can shape their entire careers positively. Scientists must choose subjects that could contribute to important publications. Good literature fetches good quotes. Well-published and successful scientists can easily find good work in academia and business. The selection of the correct research theme can thus open doors to worldwide job prospects.[2]

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Study quality can be accomplished in various ways. Once students attend college, they need to take a number of actions to find a relevant subject for study. Although it definitely encourages the method by undertaking a detailed literary survey, it is almost difficult to select the correct subject based only on literature analysis. Students and early-stage scientists must therefore thoroughly discuss their mentors, speak to experts and attend science seminars / conferences, listen to existing investigators (and network them with them). The coursework involved (especially in interdisciplinary fields) frequently simplifies the research topic process. [3]

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Doing a Doctoral Degree is unbelievably dreadful. Usually for at least three years, certainly challenges are faced. The main (and most common) issues faced by PhD students are discussed below. A deeper understanding of these pressures will allow to resolve while doing PhD. The plan to try and resolve any issues during your doctoral degree must consider talking to anyone. [3]


The feeling of isolation is one of the most common problems for doctoral students. The doctoral candidates often work alone, with a small number, or sometimes no other, while friends can work in offices and teams and enjoy the much more social side of 9-5. It can, inevitably, contribute to depression, lack of motivation and the feeling that no one can understand or respond to the problems. [4]


A PhD can be extremely stressful with impending time limits, large-scale projects and large personal commitments. PhD students have been discovered to have high levels of mental disorders–probably due to high levels of stress. That is why healthier ways of decompressing are necessary, both through exercise, relaxation, the arts and anything else.[4]

Conflict with the supervisor

Problems between PhD students and their supervisors can be another common problem.  The equilibrium can be sometimes difficult to maintain. It’s an odd combination. Many students may believe that they have to automatically mirror the wishes of the more senior and knowledgeable teacher if conflicts occur and of course it is only natural that they do so for more than three years.

Funding issues

Many doctoral students are funded by external funding during their research. However, it can also be a cause for concern. Financing can be unreliable at times. For example, while still in the middle of a PhD, it is known to be cutting funding. The situation is precarious and it can be very stressful to secure new funding. Supervisors should preferably be available in order to assist. One never should think twice about getting advice, it’s what it’s about.

Time management

So many things to do, so little time to do. Training to leap at new opportunities and to say no to additional tasks is the ability that every student must cultivate to avoid getting crazy. This can be accommodated by being able to prioritize.

Work/life balance

It seems sometimes that doctoral students will practice constantly; they should be present at the office each weekend and work late each day. But this is not sustainable; interests, friends and family also need space to work at the highest level. This may seem a fairly obvious point, but still many students have the consequence of an incredibly lax timetable. Students should note that it is important to devote time to projects outside the PhD for long-term success. A healthy life in society, regular practice and cultural activities will stimulate you, enjoy you and make you happier. Happiness is the ultimate goal; it should be cherished. [4]

Lack of institutional support

Some universities support doctoral students better than others. At other colleges, students are left to defend themselves, and the best universities have extensive programmes. They are assisted by mentors, workshops and social events. There, high schools can benefit, because they are designed to meet the specific requirements for doctoral students.

Lack of personal support

The lack of personal support is another obstacle for PhD students. The importance of a PhD may not be appreciated or accepted by colleagues, families or family members. This is another justification to meet other doctoral students, who can appreciate and provide the help that is needed for the anxiety.

Concerns about the future

While stressing about their current projects, most doctoral students are also concerned about the future. There is no guarantee in this uncertain work-market and that university jobs are extremely competitive that a doctorate will lead to a desired job. It is important to start working early to make sure that benefit from all these benefits.

Problems with motivation

Finally, it is impossible for anyone to retain their commitment during their entire project if a PhD takes typically at least three years (at least). It is a very common experience to feel frustrated or unhappy with the plan. [4]

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