Other Art topics for research

Let’s discuss about what’s new and what’s worth researching in arts which is part of the humanities discipline.


Classical music pertains to the music of the Middle Ages to the twentieth century in Europe.
  • Research on art as a therapy.
  • Evolution, progress, and current facets of musical drama and opera.
  • Contrasting soviet art and Nazi art.
  • Research on digital art and its evolution.
  • How to decode abstract art.
  • A study on the various architectural styles and art.
  • Importance of health and music today.
  • Role of feminist art.
  • Art performance of Venetian carnivals.
  • Study on renaissance transition.
  • Designing computer games as an art.
  • Study of African architecture.
  • Various art sponsors and their expenditures.
  • Motion pictures and their evolution.
  • Contrasting Bollywood and Hollywood.
  • Innovations in the field of music technology.
  • The impact of Ancient Egypt art today.
  • Study on Lysippus, the Greek sculptor.
  • Structure and functions of a musical piece.
  • Role of cognitive perception in musical analysis.
  • Study on the various beauty standards in art.
  • How music impacts your health.
  • Computer animation and role in advertising.
  • Using art as a channel for spiritual education.
  • Art forms of aboriginal community in Australia.
  • Creativity and technology together in art.
  • Comparing various Do-It-Yourself (DIY) art materials.
  • Correlation between creativity and mental ailments.
  • Performing arts: implications and new trends.
  • The complex character of opera as a genre.
  • Analytical methods used in musicology.
  • How to find your niche in singing?
  • Tattoos: significance and history.
  • Study on the various types of narratives in music