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Promising & Future Research Topics : ELearning and Knowledge Management (KM): 2019-2020

Use of Electronic technologies to improve the performance of a teaching-learning process

Major challenge for the effective deployment of e-learning the application of different forms of ICT (OR) input supports varieties of format into this domain lies in the management of source knowledge

PhD Assistance Synchronized Process

We adopt a synchronized procedure for every writing task, enabling task execution in a sequential manner.

PhD Assistance Synchronized Process

  • Postulate It
  • Research It
  • Outline It
  • Inscribe It
  • Copy-Edit It
  • Proofread It
  • Peer Review It
  • Consign It
  • Submit It

PhD Journey stages of success doctorate | Research Journeys | PhD Assistance

It is time to understand the complete PhD successful stages before starting a PhD Dissertation. The first thing to do is we start with conducting a preliminary review, and then move to identifying a research problem and tentative research topic. Next step, preparing a research proposal – To assist how you plan to proceed about conducting a research once the research proposal prepared, carrying out a detailed literature review. The Next stage, Identifying and developing appropriate research methodology. Based on methods and materials, we do conducting a research & collecting a result. In the Final stages, discussing a preliminary literature and providing an original PhD as well as Publishing a manuscript relevant to your research.

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