Operational Research

This program deals comprehensively with the concentration in Management Science and the program of operational research. The Key areas of interest are business analytics, applied statistics, optimization, operation management, inventory control, scheduling, queuing theory, risk theory, manufacturing under certainty. The operations research dissertation program designed for individual to learn competence in the principles and methods. Further, it helps the students to involve in research and prepared to understand the latest developments in operational research. The Master of Science in operational research program aims at the theoretical & practical implementation of operation research covering all the interesting topics focuses on deterministic and stochastic operation research models with computing and technical electives. After completion of Master of Science, the doctoral degree of operational research aims to prepare the students for research & teaching. The Ph.D. program main goal is to prepare an individual a strong disciplinary background in one of the core research areas in the division.

The following table.1 below topics covers of MSC of operational research:

  • Introduction to operational research: Deterministic & stochastic models
  • Introduction to probability and statistics
  • Deterministic optimization methodologies
  • Math statistics
  • Probabilistic Models
  • Simulation

  • Computational Complexity
  • Advanced techniques for designing & analyzing –algorithms
  • Computer science and engineering algorithms

  • Economic decision analyze
  • Biostatistics
  • Computational methods
  • Regression analysis
  • Reliable theory
  • Computational Statistics
  • Design and analysis experiments
  • Energy technology and policy
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Warehousing systems
  • Economy Engineering
  • Time series analysis
  • Nonparametric data analysis
  • Scheduling theory
  • Logistics systems engineering

The Following Table.2 introduces topics related to the Ph.D. research major/elective areas and methodology subjects. See below




  • Introduction to Statistical Linear Models & Probability
  • Linear Programming
  • Nonlinear Optimization

  • Applied Operations Research
  • Discrete Optimization
  • Data Mining
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Financial Time Series
  • Stochastic Models of Operations Research
  • Stochastic Programming
  • Stochastic Calculus for Finance

  • Advanced Econometrics
  • Convex Analysis and Optimization
  • Game Theory
  • Marketing Models
  • Operations Research/Management Science
  • Privacy, Security, and Data Analysis
  • Semidefinite and Second Order Cone Programming
  • Supply Chain Modeling and Algorithms
  • Stochastic Models for Supply Chain Management
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Supply Chain and Marketing Science
  • Theory of Boolean Functions

The Ph.D. operational research coursework requires 72 credits. It must include at least 20 credit in dissertation research and ten credits for assessment as well as 36 credits in research requirements and coursework.

The course completion in Ph.D. operation research depends on upon the finishing degree course core and electives oral and written assessment, manuscript preparation, assignment writing, dissertation & thesis submission. It is important for the students to choose the right research areas and start thesis & dissertation as well as residuum writing work with the support for professional assistance. It stated that thesis, assignment writing as important to get score 70 percent in Ph.D. and 75 % in master science. Presently, Ph.D. and Master’s degree operational research students from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, etc. face many challenges. Commonly, in the first year of the program should choose research topics suitable one; then prepare research proposal must written and approved by the end of the second semester for the Master’s degree students and at the end of the third semester of the Ph.D. semester. It might vary based on institution and universities curriculum structure. Some of the top education institutions & universities are giving thesis and dissertation writing for each semester. Most of the students are an incompetence & unawareness about how to promote a research proposal including research strategy, problem-based title and description literature writing and highlights the purpose of the study. We are offering unique undergraduate study, post-graduate study, and Ph.D. program student’s complete writing assistance for editing and proofreading, manuscript, complete operation dissertation and thesis research analysis. Students should understand the passing the operational research course as important as 50% dissertation based score.