When any scholars are looking to progress undergraduate studies in marketing, masters in marketing degree can help develop and update the advanced knowledge, skills and strategic as well as industry awareness, those would like to take their career to the next step towards to put a solid basis in a marketing career. Find the master’s coursework table.1 below; it is divided into two sections into compulsory and optional modules. After completing masters, the doctoral program in marketing is helping to cover a variety of disciplines to research critical marketing management. The program covers behavioral, economic, physiological, and administrative theory to focus on marketing problems. Students in the marketing program could work in close collaboration to the broad spectrum of disciplinary bases. The marketing Ph.D. program trains scholars who are looking to convert their valuable knowledge into advanced/frontiers in the discipline of marketing to implement the solid ideas into actions so doing research and getting doctorate would help to get recognition about the solid understanding of all marketing principles, topics, models, theories, and practices. Additionally, common understanding of modern and traditional marketing problems and get advanced knowledge of marketing strategies.

See Table 1. Masters in Marketing common courses compulsory and optional requirements include:



  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Theory & Practice
  • Research In Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Dissertation

  • Marketing & Sustainability
  • Brand Management
  • Services Marketing & Retailing
  • Business To Business Marketing
  • International Marketing Communications
  • Digital Marketing

Research topics in marketing covers in the Table 2 into three modules sections below:




1. Foundational courses:

  • Psychology
  • Microeconomics
  • Sociology

2. Research methodologies in marketing and consumer

3. Marketing strategy

4. Social Psychology

5. Psychological theory in consumer behavior

1. Quantitative Marketing and Economics

2. Judgment, emotions and consumer choice

3. Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology

4. Statistical methods for evaluating causal effects

5. Marketing models: Analytic Marketing & statistical modeling

1. Consumer behavior

2. Micro Topics in Organizational Behavior

3. Behavioral approaches to decision making and negotiation

4. problems and solutions in Applied Data Analytics

By the end of the third year, all students are needed to obtain the approval of dissertation from their faculty as well as a complete dissertation. Students are essential to complete dissertation/thesis, manuscript preparation and assignment writing in a marketing program to achieve a maximum score to finish program successfully. It strongly highlights that research proposal, data collection, statistics, dissertation & assignment writing as important to get score 85% in Ph.D. and 50% in master degree. Presently, Ph.D. and Master’s degree students from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. face numerous challenges altogether while undertaking a course and research proposal. Hire a professional academic dissertation and thesis writing support to score high academic records.