The law program is designed for the individual who is interested in studying the variety of legal systems and backgrounds. In additional, individuals who are practicing as the lawyers, law professors, government officials, human right activist, doctoral students, business people and residuum individuals should take this course to experience law values and credits in their profession as well as individuals who want to help the community through their legal research. The Master of Law (L.L.M) suite is designed for the graduates’ students who are looking to gain an in-depth understanding of law and legal principles across many disciplines or want to become a master in law and who are promised to commit themselves to their career in law teaching. The program enables to study and work in the law related field to expand their knowledge of law and legal principles

After the completion of advanced study of legal theory and practice, it is time to implement in research to achieve a doctoral degree in law. In additional, they are wide-ranging of research topics are available so that any individual could promote their research excellence through this law studies. Ultimately, it helps to understand a wide variety of legal studies, so any individual inspirational in this studies actively involve promoting and motivating a vibrant and diverse community through their implementation.

The following Table.1 Master of Law (L.L.M) Covers modules and credits for subjects include:




  • Dissertation



  • Admiralty Law
  • Carriage of Goods by Sea
  • Competition Law
  • Consumer Protection
  • Copyright, Corporate Law and Governance
  • Environmental and Energy Law
  • Internal Market Law
  • Human Rights and International Business Policy
  • Motor Insurance
  • Approaches to Research in Law
  • Human Rights
  • International Securities and Finance
  • International Refugee Law & Arbitration
  • International Banking & Criminal Law
  • International Investment Law and Arbitration
  • International Trade & Human Rights Law
  • Marine Insurance
  • NATO Legal Advisors Course
  • Socio-Legal Research Skills
  • The Family, Law and Social Change
  • Patent and Design Law & Trademarks


In this table.1 clearly emphasize LLM dissertation as the core subject to get a pass and achieve a total of 60 credits. Most of the L.L.M student’s frontline challenges are completing dissertation with excellent way to explore their research interest through best dissertation but today lot of competition/struggles like time-consuming, lack of knowledge and skills about topics,

Commonly, Students of L.L.M (Master of Law) usually chooses to write Dissertation or thesis topics are:

  • International Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Maritime Law
  • International Human Rights Law

Ph.D. Law degree various research proposal topics including from this areas include:

  • Medical Law
  • Public Law
  • Public International Law
  • Commercial law
  • European Union Law ( UK students )

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