Classics & Ancient History

Classics & Ancient History program aims to assist students to produces dissertation submission that constitutes the best presentation scholarly and understanding of the history and it also shows a realistic amount of work that contributes during the duration of the study. Especially dissertation need to prepare 40,000 to 80,000 words on the topics of choice apart from the assessment. The program helps to identify and develop appropriate knowledge in ancient and classic history as well as research skills. After completing the history graduation, the preferable option is to take master’s degree i.e. master of art gives opportunities world-class knowledge of history. The research stream of Master of Art constitutes:

  • Ancient politics and society
  • Ancient Philosophy, science, and medicine
  • Literary Interactions
  • Classical Receptions
  • Cultural Histories and Material Exchanges

After completing the master’s degree, doctoral studies helps to enrich research work covers a range of subjects include history and culture, philosophy and the history of medicine and science, language and literature. The program helps to strong in the related field such as archaeology, history, and modern languages.

The following Table.1 master of art in classics and ancient history credits, compulsory and optional modules includes:




  • Research skills
  • Dissertation



  • Food and Culture
  • Ancient Philosophy: Truth and Ancient Thought
  • Hellenistic Culture and Society – History & Culture
  • Rome: Globalization, Materiality
  • Cultural Transformations in Late Antiquity
  • Migrant & Migration through Ancient
  • The City of Rome
  • Greek and Latin

15 or 30 for each module

Particularly, The Ph.D. program in classics and ancient history is an interdisciplinary program extremely wide-ranging and flexible. The program trains historians meets the goals and needs of the research areas. Research topic may vary based on the curriculum structure of the country

Common Research areas for Ph.D. Classics & Ancient History are:

  • Greek and Roman history and culture
  • Classical Greek and Latin
  • Literature
  • Language classes (German, French, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Byzantine Greek
  • Ancient Egyptian
  • Languages of the Ancient Near East
  • Greek and Roman archeology
  • European Middle Ages
  • Egyptology
  • Hellenistic and Roman Judaism
  • Early Islam & Christianity
  • Art and Archaeology
  • African archaeology
  • - Ancient languages - Archaeological science & archaeology of the Mediterranean and the Near East
  • European prehistory

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