Social Work, Social Policy & Administration

This program offers social work managers, practitioners, policy makers and the educators chance to grow advanced research skills. It helps to root professional experiences with the help of the advanced topics cover in the master level in Social Work, Policy, and Administration. This program well informed to collaborate on the latest research in the social work sectors. Subsequently, completing master’s degree, the pupil will get a chance to do a doctoral degree in Philosophy in Social Work, Policy & Administration so will get an opportunity to work with advanced research areas. In this program, will get opportunities to collaborate with various research topics including demography, E-social policy, gender and ethnicity, health policy and provision, social work practice, social inclusion and exclusion and more.

The following table outlines compulsory and optional modules include:


  • Adults and Communities
  • Child Protection
  • Children and families
  • Contexts for Social Work- legal, policy and ethical frameworks
  • Disabilities
  • Domestic violence
  • Family support and prevention
  • Fostering
  • Social Work Practice
  • Social Work skills, values, and approaches
  • Special educational needs
  • Substance misuse
  • Theory, Methods and Values in Practice

  • Human Development and Social Relationships
  • Knowledge for Social Work-theoretical and critical approach
  • Law and Social Policy
  • Law for professional practice
  • Organizations and Inter-professional Practice
  • Refugee and asylum
  • Social Adversity, Risk, and Resilience
  • Social identity, citizenship and social work practice

Ph.D. in social work research topics include:

  • Crime, Control, and Culture
  • Cross-national and European Social Policy
  • Gender and Media
  • Globalization
  • Individually supervised research
  • Institutional observation
  • Philanthropy, Humanitarianism, and Social Justice
  • Preparation of thesis proposal
  • Professional development and reflexive log
  • Psycho-social research methods and literature review
  • Research and policy
  • Risk and Society
  • The Analysis of Social Movements
  • Visual Sociology
  • Work, Employment and Economic Life

Assessment methods in both master’s and Ph.D. level include essay writing, examination, Viva, oral and visual presentation, case studies and 10,000 plus dissertation writing. All the above elements of the social work assessment are mandatory, but the dissertation is most important to pass an examination and to boost credits. However, Most of the students are unaware of how to write a dissertation writing including title, the narrative of the problem based on the literature, theme, and style of the research content, research plan, and list of the reference cited in the presentable format. Moreover, they are stressing with handling time management in writing thesis and dissertation writing. It is a known fact that to clear the degree; we must submit thesis or dissertation research writing at the end of the academic course. It is necessary to get the professional help to support all other writing works smoothly to a complete degree without any hassle. It will enable individual to gain more credits and successfully clear the program of study based on research areas. We are providing a high-class undergraduate study, post-graduate study, master’s level and Ph.D. program assistance for manuscript preparation, editing and proofreading, complete social work dissertation and thesis analysis.