Modern Languages & Linguistics

This course allows students to edify one modern language in depth together with Linguistics, the study of language itself. Part of the course will consist of developing the practical language skills to a high level, and students will engage with the literature and cultural developments associated with the language This course permits students to educate Modern Languages & Linguistics. It is nothing but the body of knowledge that enables a speaker to produce and understand the languages. The Master of Arts in Languages & Linguistics course permits to cover a wide range of topics including conversation analysis, language rights, language change, and pragmatics, dialectal and social. Optional topics including American language, language gender, multilingualism and language disorder. Progressively pursue a doctoral degree would be a valuable one, Ph.D. in Linguistic & languages permits an individual to research linguistic topics associated with one or more modern language. Particularly, the goal of the course is to give deep insights into linguistic sciences and complete methodological linguistics skills. They are various research areas including history of linguistics, discourse analysis, translation and interpreting studies, pragmatics and interactional linguistics and diachronic linguistics

Master level in Modern languages and linguistic subject topics include:

  • Computer Linguistics and Text Technology
  • English Linguistics
  • German as a Foreign Language
  • German Linguistics: Texts/Media /Language Competence
  • History and Cultural Studies
  • Language, Literature, Culture
  • Romance Linguistics – French and Spanish
  • Slavic Linguistics
  • Turkish Linguistic

Ph.D. in Modern languages and linguistic Research areas include:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Corpus Linguistics (especially diachronic linguistics)
  • Discourse Analysis
  • General Linguistics
  • Grammatical analysis
  • Historical Linguistics
  • History of Linguistics
  • Phonetics and phonology
  • Pragmatics and Interactional Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics (language standardization and historical sociolinguistics)
  • Translation and Interpreting Studies

During this course of study, you will struggle with the main task i.e. writing a dissertation. Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult tasks is writing a dissertation for linguistics & languages course.

Master of Arts and Ph.D. students should identify their subject’s goal, & topics, and other Master’s and Ph.D. level’s program requirement to get high credit. Undoubtedly, modern languages and linguistics students are necessary to complete dissertation and assignment writing to complete their program & to get high credits. Especially, the research work needs to review on a specific topic through citation referrals, visiting the research library, understand the complete theme and so on. As a result, once the research work is completed, it should be organized in a presentable manner with a certain number of pages or word count. Different varsity has a different style of writing format; spacing needs to adhere throughout the process of dissertation writing. Include abstract, Title page, content list, main body nomenclature list, acknowledgments, references and appendix are the constituents of the dissertation. Writing these parts requires professionalism, skill, effort and commitment. Literature of the content, consistency flow, error free grammars, and structured sentences matters a lot in the dissertation. Whatever may be the content, but it shouldn’t match to other’s work; otherwise, it’s a violation of copyrights, leads to plagiarism. Once the dissertation was on the format, it needs editing and proofreading as a rectification measure before submission. If the concerned faculty or team is satisfied with the desired outcome, then it will lead to the successful culmination of the completing the research program with certification. It strongly emphasizes that dissertation, literature, manuscript writing as important to get score 78% in Ph.D. and 70% in master degree as well as complete your program. Scholars should understand passing the modern linguistics and language course as important as 50% dissertation based score.