IT / Strategic Marketing

Students who are interested in taking strategy marketing will study the problems and issues confronted by the general administrator/managers who are the main role to develop and implement strategies for IT/general organization in this volatile environment. The master in IT/strategy marketing offers individual with the IT marketing knowledge. Some of the most importance topics of the program are financial consequences investment related to marketing, marketing history, and statistical methods. By taking the master level, individual will enable to understand the quality of marketing knowledge/skill in the organization. The program will offer individually to get in-depth knowledge what defines whether organization succeed or fail with their marketing activities. After completing master’s level, candidates could apply for the doctoral degree who is seeking to do comprehensive studies in strategic management research. A Ph.D. management in strategic marketing qualifies pupil to pursue an academic researcher and educator. This program includes required courses, research projects, and finally dissertation work.

Table outlines the core and elective modules of master’s level in IT/strategic management



  • Applied business ethics
  • Brand Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing finance
  • Marketing research and multivariate analysis
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Research methodology
  • Service management
  • Strategic management
  • Strategic marketing issues
  • Understanding the customer

  • User-driven Service Innovation
  • Theories and Methods in Marketing Communication
  • Sales and Salesforce Management
  • Pricing strategies: Measuring, Capturing, and Retaining Value
  • New Product Development and Service Innovation
  • Master thesis
  • Managing Business to Business Relations

Ph.D. required courses modules include

  • Econometrics
  • Foundations of Strategy Research
  • Microeconomics
  • Models & Methods
  • Research in Competitive and Corporate Strategy
  • Research Methods in Business
  • Strategic Marketing Management and Policy Workshop Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Management Systems
  • Strategy and Economics
  • Strategy Topics Course
  • Theory Development in Marketing

The Ph.D. program in strategic management is aimed to prepare students research-oriented career goals. Both masters and Ph.D. level in strategic marketing include core and elective courses, research project, comprehensive examination and final thesis/dissertation. As a scholar/master student, one can understand the importance of thesis/dissertation writing because overall weightage of credits present in this section as well as it is a culmination to complete our degree. It firmly stated that dissertation writing as important to get score 70% in Ph.D. and 60% in master degree. Credits can vary from one varsity to another, but examination and dissertation play a significant role in completing Ph.D. and Master Degree in Strategic Marketing. Due to a lot of pressures from all the sides like assignment writing, manuscript preparation, essay, coursework content and research writing, stressed students on exploring their ideas. In addition, students struggle in understanding and organizing dissertation style of writing. During this academic year, most of the scholars are finding complex in writing dissertation such as developing an appropriate thesis/dissertation writing, identifying relevant literature & data, statistical analysis. This challenge clearly indicates that passing strategic management course as important as scoring in 50% dissertation, thesis, assignments, coursework and statistical analysis to get high credits marks in order to complete the research task.