Human Resource Management

The program in human resource and management is intended to develop This is a specialized management program deals with a clear focus on the Human resource management as one of the most important and prestigious positions in an organization. The goal of the program helps the students to understand the role and function of HR manager and contributes to hunt career in recruitment, training, and development as well as organization management. In addition, it mainly focuses on enhancing HR leaders by stimulating the innovative thinking and focusing on innovation in this field. The master’s degree focus a wide-range of curriculum particularly participants learn advanced level. After becoming a master, it is time to do Doctoral of Philosophy in business administration. This HR Management program explores the roles within the organization: its employees, leaders and the organization in general.




  • Quantitative Methods and Metrics for Decision Making
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Managing in a Global Economy
  • Information Technology
  • Foundations of Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Writing and Presentations
  • Business Strategy & Ethics

  • The Future of Human Resource Management: Innovation
  • Special project: Applied Human resource strategies
  • Research Process & Methodology
  • Research concentration
  • Managing Inclusion & Cultural Diversity
  • Making Social Entrepreneurship Happen
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Human resource management
  • Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management
  • Compensation & Benefits: Strategy & Plan Design
  • Advanced Labor Relations & Employment Law
  • Adv Employee Recruitment, Selection, & Retention

The following table subject includes both core and elective course include



  • Theory and Practice in Business Management
  • The 21st-Century Organization
  • Survey of Applied Research Methods
  • Strategic Management and Practice
  • Quantitative Research Techniques
  • Marketing Principles and Practice
  • Management Theory Creation
  • Ethics and Leadership in Global Environments
  • Economics in Global Environments
  • Developing an Academic Writing Process
  • Business Principles and Practices
  • Applied Multivariate Modeling
  • Advanced Qualitative Research
  • Accounting and Finance Principles and Practice

  • Research Paradigms in Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Practices for Developing Talent
  • Foundations of Human Resource Theory and Practice
  • Creating Adaptive, Innovative Workplaces
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent
  • Personnel organization and management
  • Human resource management theory
  • Advanced organization theory
  • Human resource statistics research
  • Business ethics
  • Dissertation

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