latest research topics worth researching in the arts and humanities

Latest Research Topics Worth Researching in the Arts and Humanities

Let’s discuss about what’s new and what’s worth researching in arts which is part of the humanities discipline.


Classical music pertains to the music of the Middle Ages to the twentieth century in Europe.
  • What is the part played by music in our culture and society?
  • What are the stylistic advances in the field of music?
  • A study on the cultural practice of music and sound.
  • Research on the work of various individual composers.
  • Research on musical performance with a focus on gramophone copies.
  • Scope and potential of musical works.
  • Study on the history of music and various concepts of musical works.


During the fifth century B.C., Greek theatre festivals were the crucial point in Athens.
  • Theatre during Baroque and Renaissance phases.
  • A study on symbolism, expressionism and absurdism during the 1900s.
  • Romantic movement themes of medieval history and myths.
  • Research on the various forms of theatre.
  • Aesthetic aspects of the performances and theatrical events during the past.
  • A study on various performers and professions in theatre.


An American musical tradition that merges Euro-American and Afro-American music.
  • A study on Jazz as a part of overall audio environment and music of our age.
  • A study on in musical micro rhythm’s sound and timing to know the micro level of auditory observation and the contribution of cultural background and training.
  • Studying various facets of music: sound, form, harmony, rhythm, and melody.
  • A study on technological creativity in music.
  • What’s new in funding arts and humanities.
  • A study on popular music in the digital world.
  • A study on Afro-American popular music.
  • Examining micro-rhythmic associations between early Norwegian jazz to 1970s Norwegian jazz.