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Looking for Analytics Service? Do you find difficulties in analyzing research variables? Is quantitative statistics, biostatistics, econometrics, and textual data analysis bothering you? Struggling to complete your implementation part (coding & algorithm), programming of your research thesis? Are you looking to outsource your engineering research work to a potential research firm?

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    Your Analytics is performed by Qualified & Experienced Researchers from the UK, & the US

    At Ph.D. assistance, our aim is to assist students belonging to the U.S. & UK universities by providing quality assistance at a reasonable cost. Our passionate, subject matter expertise and a knowledge-driven team of experienced research experts and Ph.D. qualified research writers will deliver quality big data (Using Hadoop –Java-based framework) and provide analysis solution using various statistical packages such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, R, E-views, to mention a few.

    About Us

    Ph.D. Analytics: Experts in analyzing your numbers and textual data

    We are fully aware that every Ph.D. student will face mounting challenges in the following areas during data analysis

    • Getting a doctoral degree could become a very tedious task if you are unable to perform data analysis.
    • Statistical tools may prove complex for novice researchers
    • Data accuracy will be questioned if the tools used are not suitable for your research
    • Data analysis could never be neglected in Ph. D dissertations. They are an integral part of the research
    • Your discussion section is a realization of your results. Hence data accuracy even after analysis is most important.
    • Textual data analysis could be even more intriguing.

    Well, these aspects are challenging for students and not for experts at Ph. D assistance. We are proven experts in statistics and big data analytics and encompass the expert team of experienced professionals working in analytics and research for more than 10 years. Your credits are safe if your data is analyzed at ‘Ph. D Assistance’

    Our End-to-End Assistance: Descriptive to AMOS / PLS or HADOOP or MATLAB, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, MVC

    Our expert and experienced team members are well versed in various research domains and have successfully handled these challenges many times during the development of dissertation to numerous Ph.D. students.

    Your total analytics solution provider is here

    Our Exclusive Doctorate of Philosophy Dissertation Mentoring Services

    Our Various Statistics, Programming & Engineering Services

    Our Experts

    Quantitative Statistics

    Quantitative analysis in educational research is sought for quantifying a problem. Data collected through quantitative research is churned using statistical and mathematical tools for analysis.

    Textual / Content Analysis

    Qualitative data analysis is a reflexive, and iterative process that begins as data are being collected rather than after data collection has stopped. Our qualitative data analysis would assist in applying certain theoretical approaches to deciding which process that should be used.


    Ph.D. Assistance offers biostatistics and epidemiological, clinical data analysis services for all your healthcare related projects. Our expertise is well-trained professionals at different foreign universities including the University of Alabama and Oxford for epidemiological courses and biostatistics.


    There is a need to use appropriate statistical tools and methods for testing theories of economics, estimation of economic relationships, and evaluating and implementing Policy. There is a significant difference between econometrics and mathematical statistics, where former deals with problematic non-experimental data such as observational data while in later, researcher acts as a passive collector of data from the real world.

    Big Data Analytics

    Optimize your research using big data analytics enhanced with Hadoop (Java-based programming framework). Ph.D. assistance aids to support you with big data analytics services for your exclusive Ph.D. Dissertation paper.

    Software Programming

    Our expert software programmers are no newbies. We possess experts to provide solutions for software programming and coding. Outsourcing your software coding requirements and programming requirements can help you to save time and effort, the expense of software and infrastructure.

    Computer Programming

    Do you find hard to complete your CSE research projects? Are you seeking professional technical assistance in your domain technology? Look no further. Ph.D. Assistance provides full assistance in completing your computer science engineering research with complete confidence and satisfaction

    Engineering Services

    Are you finding it difficult to complete computer science & IT, EEE, ECE Engineering Projects? Ph.D. assistance offers complete research and development assistance for scholars.

    Note: All our mentoring & editing, coding & algorithm, software programming & statistics services are provided by our qualified professionals who are progressively working on your dissertations. We hire only reputed professionals who have completed their higher education in the US, UK and Australia, and native language speakers of respective countries. However, in the case of software programming, coding & algorithm service, we hire only registered vendors based on their exclusive sample work and portfolio.

    Our Process

    Ph.D. Literature Review Service Features – Emphasis on various aspects of the reviewed theses and dissertations

    We help you to frame the practice-derived problem, as opposed to the gap in knowledge and build a great confidence to submit their dissertation effectively.

    Enjoy the diverse range of Services – Setting methodology for your Statistics or programming

    At Ph.D. assistance, we help you to set research Ph.D. research methodology services in a wide range of subjects. We have a specialized academicians who are professional and qualified in their particular specialization, like English, physics, chemistry, computer science, criminology, biological science, arts and literature, law ,sociology, biology, law, geography, social science, nursing, medicine, arts and literature, computer science, software programming, information technology, graphics, animation 3D drawing, CAD, construction etc.

    Analytics & coding & Programming Services including testing the validity

    At Ph.D. assistance, our Ph. D experts not only help you to translate your programming ideas but also ensure to offer the validation of the ideas being conceived. Ph. D experts help in new conceptual development, interpretation, evaluation of new algorithms coding, and compare results with the previously established algorithm (or a gold standard algorithm).

    Report Writing: Including Interpretation of your programming & discussion based on the Literature review

    Out-provided in any software will be exhaustive, and it is not necessary to interpret all the numbers. At Ph.D. Assistance, we interpret the data that are relevant to the thesis and make sure you completely understand the output. If not, we are here to provide the statistical help that you are looking for. Apart, Ph. D experts also discuss your findings for and against with the literature review.

    What do You expect when your order for Ph.D. Thesis / Dissertation Assistance Service?

    You can collaborate with researchers, linguistic editing, writing all chapters by translating your research idea, plagiarism correction, specific chapter (e.g. research methodology alone), mentoring support and much more.

    Our Guarantees

    Get some of our Ph.D. Thesis or Dissertation Writing Service features at Free of Costs.

    We Share references sourced for your dissertation in the form of PDFs, questionnaire or interview guide and primary research output without data at free of costs

    Features at Free of Costs

    Build Questionnaire or Interview at a Free of costs

    In Ph.D., questionnaire development is an important step based on that we achieve our accurate study outcome. At Ph.D. Assistance, we assist you in the questionnaire development, reliability, and validation process. Our brilliant researchers have an incredible experience in building questionnaire using scales, interview guide questions, potential group discussion, structured and unstructured questionnaire, open and closed format and so on. We have Exceptionally brilliant expertise exclusively for questionnaire development and research framework. We help you in the process of interview guide development or setting up the questionnaire at free costs while ordering for Ph.D. dissertation full*.

    Get your Primary Research Completed at an additional cost

    We help you to collect data for your primary research. As you aware that primary research gathers collect information directly for your purpose than collecting from already published sources. We help you to conduct primary research including surveys, direct observations, interview and focus group discussion. The advantage of primary research is to control over the type of question you ask and information gather, therefore, the method is extremely valuable to the study. Yet, they’re also time-consuming and expensive. At Ph.D. Assistance, we help you to collect primary research for your Ph.D. research.

    Appendices or additional work at Free of Costs

    Most the scholars assume that an appendix is information that is NOT ESSENTIAL to the Ph.D. research and often been ignored. However, it plays a vital role to support your analysis and validate your conclusion. We provide you appendices to support evidence (e.g. raw data that is referred to in the text), contributing facts, specialized data, sample calculation, technical figures, graphs, tables statistics, detailed description of research instruments, maps, charts, photographs, drawings, letters, copies of emails, questionnaire/surveys, transcript of interviews, or example of specific of full results of questionnaire, large tables of data, specification or data sheets, and others.

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    We are committed to providing value for your money and time you invest with us

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