Nursing program prepares you to achieve the career goal as an independent researcher on the nursing care to protect vulnerable communities and nursing Knowledge development. The program explores, identify and examine the literature in nursing and related fields. Further, it develops and disseminates knowledge to advance in nursing knowledge. The program covers health promotion and risk reduction across the life span, health systems management, policy, and education and management of chronic conditions. The master’s program covers both thesis and non-thesis, but set the strong theoretical foundation of nursing practice, as it emphasizes ethics, politics of nursing and methods in nursing science, research and evidence-based practice, modules on research methods, scholarly practice advancement research project (SPAR) and finally master’s thesis. After completing a master level, to put a strong foundation in Ph.D. Nursing, several topics have been covered that are classified under found modules viz., nursing core, statistics, electives, and dissertation. The following Table presents the nursing module included

Table 1: Course Modules Covered





  • Philosophical Perspectives in Health
  • Scientific Perspectives in Nursing
  • Quantitative Research Design and Methods
  • Qualitative Research Design and Methods
  • Mixed Methods Research Design
  • Grant Writing Seminar
  • Measurement in Health Care Research
  • Responsibilities and Activities of the Nurse Scientist

  • Statistical Methods in Public Health I
  • Statistical Methods in Public Health II
  • Statistical Methods in Public Health III

  • Theory and Concepts of Health Behavior
  • Symptom Evaluation and Management
  • Violence Research
  • Advanced Nursing Health Policy
  • Stress and Stress Response
  • The Evolving Roles of the Nurse Educator
  • Statistical Methods in Public Health
  • Writing for Publication
  • Advanced Seminar in Translational Research
  • International Health Systems and Research
  • Current Problems and Trends in Cardiovascular Health Promotion Research
  • Critical Applications of Advanced Statistical Models
  • Technology and eTools to Conduct, Facilitate, Implement and Manage Research

  • Dissertation Seminar
  • Dissertation writing

The successful completion of the course in Ph.D. nursing is qualified for practitioners and graduates.

Ph.D. students are required to complete dissertation and assignment writing of nursing to get success and credits. It strongly emphasizes that dissertation writing as important to get score 80% in Ph.D. and 50% in master degree as well as complete your program.

Success credits for each module for the Doctorate of Philosophy in nursing subject are:


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