Food Science & Nutrition

The food science and nutrition program is designed for individuals who are a desire to pursue a graduate degree in related science. Particularly, it is intended for the individual who wants to gain more in-depth academic and thorough research areas related including food safety, food processing, functional foods, food fermentation and sensory science. Further, the food science & nutrition program explores a research area in growing importance to consumers, food industry, and public sectors. The master’s degree of the program provides an in-depth insight of food science & human nutrition Food Sensory Evaluation, Food Microbiology, Metabolism, etc. Additionally, it covers the broad understanding of food and nutrition issues as well as related skills. The Ph.D. students enrolled in this program can hunt their specialization in the following areas of research interest:

  • Food Microbiology & Chemistry
  • Nutrition and public health
  • Food Technology & safety
  • Research methodology
  • Food science & nutrition science
  • Functional foods for health specialization
  • Food processing & engineering
  • Sensory Science/Flavor Chemistry
  • physiological responses to diet
  • Project

The Master’s food science & nutrition degree program split into different modules totally 180 credits see below Table.1:



  • Technical Basis for Nutritional Requirements and Policy
  • Chemistry of Food Components
  • Food Sensory Evaluation
  • Food Microbiology
  • Metabolism
  • PG Research Skills for Nutrition
  • Genes, Nutrition and Lifestyle -Health and Disease
  • Statistics and Epidemiology for Life Sciences
  • Project

  • Food Safety and Microbiology
  • Food Choice and Regulation

Table 2. Completely covers Ph.D. in food science Research areas curriculum topics



Food Lipids: Issues and Controversies

Sensory Analysis of Foods

Polymer and Colloidal

Properties of Foods


Thermal Processing of Foods

Food Rheology


Food Safety and Public Health

Fermentation Microbiology

Chemistry of Food and Bioprocess Materials

Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology Lab

Food Preservation


Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism

Exercise Nutrition

Vitamin Metabolism


Pre-Harvest Food Safety

Upstream Biomanufacturing Laboratory

Food Industry Study Tour

Lactation, Milk, and Nutrition

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods

Post-Harvest Physiology

Professional Development and Ethics in Food Safety

Seminar In Food Science


Post-Harvest Food Safety

Food Packaging

Food Laws and Regulations

Food Ingredient Technology In Product Development

The positive completion of the course in Ph.D. Food science and human nutrition depends on upon the research areas, dissertation & thesis submission. To get more credits, individuals should completely give an exclusive assignment. It strongly stated that dissertation, assignment writing as important to get a score and 85% in Ph.D. 50% in master degree as well as complete your program.

Now, Ph.D. and Master’s degree students from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. face many challenges exclusively while undertaking a course and research proposal. Generally, in the First semester, the students must choose a research area appropriate for the MS thesis or Ph.D. dissertation and then prepare a research proposal (should write + approved) by the end of the second semester for Master’s degree students and at the end of the third semester of the Ph.D. semester. It might vary depends on institution and universities curriculum structure. It is important that the content and duration of proposed research should be suitable for the degree. Some of the global education institutions & universities are giving thesis and dissertation writing for each semester. Most of the students are not aware of how to write a research proposal including title, description of the problem based on the literature, research plan, and State purpose of the research and list of the reference cited in the presentable format. Additionally, they are struggling with managing their time in writing thesis and dissertation in a professional manner. It is a known fact that to clear the program we should submit thesis or dissertation research writing. It is essential to hire the professional who are having more years of experience supporting in all stuff of writing works. For the Master’s degree, 30 credits total are needed and For the Ph.D., totally 70 credits are required to clear the program of study both Master’s degree and Ph.D. degrees. It will enable you to gain more credits and successfully clear the program of study based on research areas. We are offering an exclusive undergraduate, post-graduate study, and Ph.D. program complete assistance for editing and proofreading, manuscript, complete food and nutrition dissertation and thesis analysis.