The program offered for students to get excellence in various ranges of topics in history and also designed to understand the foundation of historical phenomena comprehensively. The program edifies history students to specialize in the three most important subsidies like ancient history, medieval and modern history. In additional, it aims to understand the concept of historiography and historical methods, structural changes in ancient, medieval and modern history and socio-economic and political formations. Mainly, master’s degree program aims to give a broad understanding of the past, diplomatic history, intellectual history, social & cultural and political history, history of sexuality & gender, imperialism and post –colonialism history, medicine & ethnic history, etc. Table.1 showcase the importance of dissertation credits for clearing the master’s degree. After the successful completion of the master of art in history with an in-depth understanding of the above subjects/modules are helpful for stepping stone to do further doctoral studies. Moreover, it studies show research interests’ changes depend on upon institutions, and country. Here we mention commonly chooses research concentrations including British history economic and social history, religious and cultural history, European and world history, local history, maritime history, medical history, and political history.

The following Table.1 master of art in history compulsory and elective modules includes:



  • Theory and practice of History I and II



  • Dissertation in History



  • Medieval Research Skills
  • Medicine in Medieval and Early Modern England
  • Gender, Society, and Culture in Early Modern England
  • Supervised Independent Study in the Humanities
  • Empires and Globalization, c.1800-2000
  • British Naval Power Era (Sail 1660-1815)
  • Approaches to War and Society in the 20th Century
  • Supervised Independent Study in the Humanities
  • War 1450 to the Present

30/Per each module

The main areas of doctoral Research areas include

  • Imperial and global history
  • Study of war, state and society
  • Early modern studies
  • Maritime Historical Studies
  • Medical history
  • Medieval Studies
  • European governance
  • Study of life science and society

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