The program is intended to educate seeking in the interest in the field of telecommunication especially they pursuing a graduate degree in engineering computer science, engineering technology, and electronics. Particularly Telecommunication in master level helps to build a career in the specialized niche in the technology sector. It helps to covers various topics of modern telecom together with necessary subjects involved in the Table.1 below. Applicants apply for the Ph.D. Level, after completing the master level. The Ph.D. program in telecom aimed for students who are interested in conducting research including the traditional and modern telecom technology and economic and policy disciplines. Further, The Program helps to learn the essential skills to carry out research along with best study plan modules both core, technical and optional areas. An applicant who already earned or finished master level could pursue Ph.D. program covers the standard set of courses for all students that serve as the basis of interdisciplinary research based on technically sounds good broadband networking topics and its issues, information technology, network engineering, telecom strategy and communication technologies.

The following Table.1 Master level in telecommunication modules include.



  • Introduction to Telecommunications Networks
  • Mobile Communications Systems
  • Introduction to IP Networks
  • Telecommunications Business Environment
  • Professional Development Module: Transferable Skills
  • Software for Network and Services Design
  • Network Simulation
  • Wireless Communications
  • Broadcast Systems
  • Digital Telephony
  • Network Security

  • Research Skills and Academic Literacy
  • Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Broadband Technologies and Components
  • Communications Systems Modelling
  • Internet of Things
  • Optical Transmission Networks
  • Network and Services Management
  • Network Planning and Operations
  • Wireless Communications Principles
  • Dissertation/report

The table.2 Ph.D. Modules of Telecom industries research topics include:





  • Interdisciplinary Telecom Analysis
  • Network Economics and Finance
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Wireless mobile networking simulation
  • Distributed computing and databases in wireless environments

  • Telecom Business Strategy Course Elective
  • Doctoral Dissertation
  • RF circuit design
  • Engineering management
  • Biological neuron impulses
  • Information and Communication Science and Technology
  • Social networks
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics

  • Principles of Telecom Policy
  • Research Methods
  • Network Analysis Techniques
  • Doctoral Dissertation Course Elective
  • RF control systems and security systems
  • Authentication and encryption
  • Signal processing
  • E-Learning software development

  • Doctoral Dissertation Course Elective
  • Ad-hoc wireless LANs and MANs
  • Wireless fading modeling and measurements
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Protocols and bandwidth management

During this study of the program, Individual will Consult the supervisor and discuss the research topics, what want to do. Once it was completed, that has to be put in the form of dissertation report. There is some style format to prepare the dissertation which depends on the institute criteria. In addition, the content material should have sound language without any error and plagiarism free. If all these things are in the right place, then individual will get the approval from faculty as soon as possible. This dissertation process helps to get high marks or get pass marks at the end of course of study. If you are having a lack of skill on the subject, then do seek professional dissertation help. UK, UAE, USA Australia, New Zealand, viz, Degree and Postgraduate students can avail unique and reputed services to get professional services related to the Telecom industry. It strongly emphasizes that dissertation writing as important to get score 75% in Ph.D. and 50% in master degree as well as finish the program successfully. It strongly stated that clearing the Telecom course as important as 50 % dissertation writing to get maximum credits in place of finish a degree.