The Middle East & African Studies (MENA)

Most of the nations, the student, has been preferred and increased interest in the Middle East & North African (MENA) studies subject especially American desired to understand the people, cultures, and languages. The Middle East & African Studies course help to improve the growth of knowledge of Middle East culture, politics, women and gender, Morocco: culture and society, Islam and politics, Muslims in western politics, Hebrew Bible, entertainment history, religion and society and more. The program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum in which students develop proficiency in any one of the Middle Eastern languages. They are involved in a critical examination of various present-day methodologies in the field of Middle Eastern studies. Predominantly, the program develops proficiency in Persian, Hebrew, Arabic or Turkish. The masters of arts program will help to develop the new perspectives of the Middle East and North Africa that replicate the transforming geographies of the 21st century including more topics such as politics, culture, religion, etc., After completing the master of art in MENA, those are interested in doing advanced research work could pursue the doctoral of philosophy in this subject. Below, a list of common modules and research areas topics both masters and Ph.D.

The following table covers Master of Arts in MENA include



  • Middle East Studies: Approaches, Themes, and Controversies
  • Middle East Culture & Politics
  • Gender or Culture in the Middle East
  • Middle Eastern history
  • Islamic studies

  • Women & Gender in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Religion and Popular Culture
  • Islam and Politics
  • Islam: Religion and Society
  • Muslims in Western Politics
  • Jerusalem
  • Jewish Life and Thought
  • Contemporary Jewish Literature and Film
  • Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
  • Elementary & Intermediate Hebrew
  • Elementary Arabic I & II
  • Intermediate Arabic I & II
  • Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East
  • Middle Eastern Humanities
  • Women and Religion

Research topics include Ph.D. in the Middle East & African Studies

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